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    2 Much Whine

    As many of us lament the inevitable changes that come with population growth in our little peninsula there are still pockets of old-timey awesomeness. The other day I ran to True Value to pick up a tube of caulk. Apparently the tube I had that was manufactured in 2012 had become a solid log-o-silicone. Five minutes before closing, New Years Eve and a shower that we couldn’t use until the sealant had been applied and cured. I made it in the door before they closed it for the night. I selected my very favorite silicone and took it to the counter to find that in my rush I’d forgotten my wallet. Not enough time to go home and get it. I hate it when that happens! Fortunately, the clerk at True Value paid for my tube from her own Apple Pay account. Rebecca saved the day! I will be visiting True Value today to repay her kindness. I just wanted to take a moment to remind folks of why small-town and local businesses bring something to the table that corporate giants may not be able to. This simple act was a great way to remind me that 2020 was generally a disaster but there were countless occurrences of kindness and rays of sunshine. Here’s to Rebecca at Junction True Value for reminding me there is still good in the world even when everything else seems to have gone to Hell.

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