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    I will say, this is not WS exclusive-it’s everywhere. Thank you for bringing this up. Sometimes, perhaps the gaps between cars can be explained as above but sometimes, people are space hogs. Something I see frequently, including today: two cars taking up the space three could have occupied. Not enough space in front, between, or behind for another vehicle to have fit. With parking more limited than ever, it is especially frustrating. If you are on the front or back edge of a parking strip, please be mindful that there is a painted line on the curb and you should have the end of your vehicle at that line, otherwise you are taking up too much space and possibly preventing another from parking. May I add one more thing to this discussion? Merging. It’s not called stopping and wedging. For instance, coming from the WS Bridge to 99, there is no need to stop nearly immediately after getting on 99 and wedge yourself in, making everyone behind you stop. There is several hundred feet more of road we can legally use before it becomes a bus lane to continue forward and merge when the opportunity presents itself. Doing so makes for a smoother transition and commute for all. If, when you’re not driving, you like to read about driving, this is a good read- Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us)by Tom Vanderbilt.






    @ Kootchman in regards to your comment

    “Not so… it may be legal. Handicap restrictions for some, means they can’t push the weight of the door against a steep hill incline. They can park on the opposite side of the hill to accomadate their handicap.”

    I had a thought….if they parked on the opposite side of the hill because they couldn’t push the weight of the door open, wouldn’t they have to push it closed?

    (maybe I read it wrong, I haven’t had my coffee yet)



    if they parked on the opposite side of the hill because they couldn’t push the weight of the door open, wouldn’t they have to push it closed?

    Not even going to begin to talk about legality, but as a person with a disability I can answer this question. If I am parked facing uphill on a steep hill, I have to push my door open AND navigate climbing out of the car against gravity. Either one on its own can be difficult, but manageable, because I have all four limbs functioning. However, holding the door open against gravity WHILE trying to haul my carcass out of the car also against gravity, it’s not easy to do. Some days simply getting in and out of the car is tough enough on its own.

    So, yes. If I were parked facing downhill, I do have to push the door closed against gravity, but I’m already out of the car and that makes it dramatically easier as I can use my body weight to help me, not just one arm and hand.



    Oh I see now how that would be easier, I even struggle with pushing the door open while on a hill, they can be pretty heavy!

Viewing 5 posts - 26 through 30 (of 30 total)
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