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    Seems like most of the other solicitors have been respecting it of late.

    They were going house to house in the 37th Ave SW Admiral area blocks tonight.



    A sign for those with poor reading comprehension skillz.



    Maybe because they were proselytizing instead of soliciting?



    It’s those darn stone glasses, they can’t see a thing.



    This works guaranteed. Tell them when they start reading scripture to you that you’re Jewish. It works trust me!! They close their book and walk off.



    If I happen to see the Mormons in the neighborhood and I have time to put on my “Jon Benet” skirt and white t-shirt with smiley face surrounded with the words “I Love Mormon Boys” those fellahs back away pretty quickly.



    jiggers – my hubby answered the door the other day and when he told the guys that I was Jewish and he was Catholic they asked if they could come back another time. WEIRD.



    Nuni – maybe if they come back tomorrow you will have changed your religion? :)

    I’ve tried saying I was atheist, muslim, jewish, you name it… they still want to talk.

    I’ll never forget, about 14 years ago I was living on a tiny island most people have never heard of in Spain. Some boy about my age (I was 18ish) came up to me and asked if I spoke English. I said I did. He said he was from the US, WA state. Weird, me too! After chatting a few minutes, he asked if I’d be interested in reading his book and talking about it. He was mormon! I could not believe it! After saying no, a few days later, he showed up at my door!

    Ken – I want to print that sign and hang it in front of my house. :)



    I’d have an issue with anyone who disregarded a “No Soliciting” sign. It’s not ok to blatantly disregard it.

    That said, I don’t have an issue with the Mormon Missionaries. Overall, my experience with Mormons has been that they’re accepting of others and fairly nonjudgmental (except if you’re already Mormon and do something against the rules)

    The kids who go door to door are just that- kids. They’re only 19, and a long way from home. I find they appreciate a kind word and a meal (or an offer of one the next day) I just make it clear that I am not open to conversion, as I’m happily gay.



    at least when you look out your window, there is no question about who they are, since they have the name tags. better than worrying if someone is casing your house. there are much scarier people knocking on doors these days.

    just tell they you arent interested. they are are only out there doing what they believe in.



    I’ve only been visited once by the Mormons and that was about 7 years ago. I was doing yard work, told them that I know and work with Mormons, and am not interested in exploring conversion. Then they offered to help me with my yard work. I didn’t accept the offer, but got the impression they would really have appreciated the change of pace. Nice kids, and probably the only door-to-doorers (sales, signature-gatherers, god-botherers) I wouldn’t be rude to. That being said, I’ve had my No Solicitors sign up for awhile and it seems to be working as nobody has come knocking for quite some time now.


    im not mormon…but im not sure that its not right to be slamming a whole religion…even if they are leaving pamphlets on your door…im pretty sure if this was about any other religion it would have been immediately erased by the site manager…



    I’ve found saying I’m Jewish tends to encourage proselytism. I guess it’s like the higher levels of a video game, you get more points for converting a Jew. I once had an encounter that could have been from one of the lower circles from Dante’s Inferno: a very long, cold chairlift ride with a Jew for Jesus – the epitome of a captive audience. They definitely tend to go all out to convert Jews. I’ve also been proselytzed by Lubavitcher Hasidic Jews, who try and bring secular Jews into Hasidic Judaism. In general I have no problem with proselytism if they can take no for an answer and not press the issue.



    Changing times:

    I am pretty sure you’re wrong about that. This is “open discussion” and the discussion concerns proselytizing in general as far as I can see. Since we are here in the west in a state with a high Mormon population, we get a bit more contact with the kids on their annual “mission” than they do in other states.

    I don’t usually threaten to set the dogs on them the way I do Pentecostals, but they do get the polite warning not to bother me. I do tell them they can come around to get air in their tires from my compressor if they are in the neighborhood.

    Post your particular brand of belief and I can make fun of it too. I probably have in the past.

    Belief in anything does not immunize you from criticism be it religion or conspiracy theories.



    I pretend that I’m a deaf mute, or such. Seems to work. there is a moment of uncomfortable silence but after that you can walk away.



    Why do so many people feel so negatively towards the members of the LDS church? I never knew any Mormons until I moved to Seattle 15 or so years ago. After learning more about them, I have a lot of things that I believe in that they don’t and they have a lot of things that I believe in that they don’t. So what?

    I have gone to many church services in my life. I would say that I felt uncomfortable with most when the congregation would try to recruit me after the service. Granted they didn’t know where I lived ;-)I have never felt pressured to join the LDS church. Clearly the members would like me to join because among other beliefs, they are grateful for the church in their lives. (to me it is kind of like people who are married think everyone should want to be married or in a partnership-relationship with someone).

    I like much of what I have learned about family life, the not drinking/smoking, and giving freely to support their “ward” regardless of whether or not you belong to their church.

    I have found learning about their beliefs interesting and non-threatening. The doing service for others is wonderful. They expect nothing in return. They would help me with major landscaping then they were on their way, happy that I let them help… since that is a big part of their mission… what they have been brought up to believe in.

    They are kids, sometimes from a different country. They are not asking you for money. What have the Mormon’s done that is so unforgivable?



    BB Guest- I think you’re missing the point. I don’t think anybody here is against Mormons or their rights to their beliefs. It’s the intrusion into one’s home that’s the problem. It puts you in an awkward situation in the one space that’s supposed to be your own.



    Anyone who wants a good laugh should watch the Colbert Report about the Morman Temple in Salt Lake City. It shows how great and respectful the Mormans are. Oh, and Tolerant…


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