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    The city of Seattle made it illegal to drive your pickup truck with your dog in the back unless there was no room for him in the cab. That’s because people here really do care about the welfare of the beasties. If it is not illegal now, it would not take much to get the city to act but waterworld has a very learned analysis that would appear to be sufficient to make this stop.



    First, thank you, waterworld, for the info!

    anonyme, I’m not the person hammerhead mentioned, but have a flexible schedule for the next couple of weeks and would also be willing to come photograph/report this. I agree that more reports, from multiple people, will bring action. I’m an animal-lover too, with “beasties” from both FAF & FCAT, so please reach out to HH, as she knows how to reach me! Let’s work together on this.



    Thanks for the offers of cameras. You guys are awesome! Fact is, I do have a camera, but seldom take it along to walk my dog. I should start. And not having a phone means I can’t call police, either. The other problem is that this is not something I’ve been able to observe on a predictable basis. I’m usually at work during the times that this seems to occur, which has been between 11-12 noon on the three occasions I’ve witnessed it. Wish I had time to set up a sting operation. If any of you find yourselves in this neck of the woods, please keep a lookout!

    Robindianne, ditto on your comments about Pam.

    dhg, I mentioned the pickup truck restriction to AC, and they told me there was no such law except in regard to “unsecured loads” – meaning, it’s fine as long as the load (dog) is tied down. I think this is typical bureaucratic dig-in-your-heels-do-nothingness in non-action. In my experience, government entities hate being caught doing their jobs; it sets a bad precedent. However, I did file another complaint online, citing the RCW/SMC mentioned by Waterworld, and stating that I will persist until meaningful action is taken.

Viewing 3 posts - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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