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    I think it is the taco cattle doin the deletin.



    Hey! Don’t forget one of our most cherished Seattle celebrities – PAT CASHMAN – does commercials for Taco Time and they make it fresh every day!

    EmmyJane – PM me again. I wasn’t able to retrieve your previous one…please :-)



    I did the deleting. Sorry, I guess I wasn’t up for the attack today, even if I did deserve it. Between getting laid off, recovering from surgery, etc. I just couldn’t take it. My own fault-I started something I couldn’t handle.

    I’ll be back when I’m ready to be witty and funny again. :-)



    Just chiming in to say to the poster who suggested Chipotle as a better alternative: Chipotle is owned by McDonald’s. That may not be a problem for you, but I’d rather support locally-owned and operated Taco Time than a pseudo-responsible chain owned by McDonald’s. Just mentioning it because I’ve found that a LOT of people aren’t aware of which companies own what in this country. Just last week I found out one of my veggie friends didn’t know Kraft owned the Boca line of vegetarian products.



    Given Emmy Jane’s reasons for withdrawing the original post in this thread I’ll close it.

Viewing 5 posts - 26 through 30 (of 30 total)
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