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    Thank you, we try really hard to be responsible. I believe that when you own an animal – and especially a bully breed, you have the utmost responsibility to keep your animal safe as well as everyone else.

    Unfortunately our dog can be very aggressive at the fence and that is why we have signs all over the fence and if he starts barking we are right there. He’s a great dog – just very fence aggressive. Again, we are trying everything to reduce it but with our two little dogs who bark at a leaf, they all feed off of each other :(



    SJoy, it does sound like you’re trying to be responsible and I hope it was clear that I wasn’t accusing you. I just wanted to point out that a very similar situation could be read quite differently by the person on the other side of the fence!

    Like Datamuse, I don’t really mind a dog barking to defend it’s own yard. It’s their instinct to do so, and it must be really confusing to many dogs who are punished for doing what to them seems like their job. But when a dog throws itself at a fence growling and slathering like it’s ready to tear your throat out, that’s another story…



    No worries – no offense taken :)


    Genesee Hill

    Rude dog barks at innocent pedestrian…never happens…lol…



    JoB — I know that if that were my dog/yard, I’d want to know! Any chance you’d be willing to at least list the cross streets near the alley if you aren’t going to contact the neighbor in question?

Viewing 5 posts - 26 through 30 (of 30 total)
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