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    I get that my dog probably startled you and maybe even scared you as you walked by my house and barked at you. While you walked by, you were rude, giving dirty looks and going on about something that I couldn’t really hear too well. Clearly my dog was behind his fence AND chained and within 5 seconds of his barking (maybe even 3 seconds) I was out there seeing what he was barking at. Typically I would work with him on his barking, get the spray bottle, etc., but since you were so rude I must say I really didn’t care too much… maybe not as responsible as I should be and I will work on that.

    But what I really don’t understand is why, after you dropped your child off, you walked back by my house. If you were so frightened, disgusted or whatever, why would you come back – just to be rude? Which you were. However I want to thank you for your unsolicited advice of getting my dog trained. You probably wouldn’t know this by not knowing our dog or us, but we do have a trainer – a great trainer – and we are working with our dog on a lot of things… one of those is barking at the fence. But for now, maybe you shouldn’t walk by our house anymore, surely there are other streets you can go down. I do this when I don’t want a confrontation with people I don’t like, dogs I know are loose or any other situation that makes me uncomfortable or even angry. Just my unsolicited advice to you.

    I’m also curious, are you rude to every person that has a dog that barks at their fence or from their house? Or am I just the lucky one because my dog is a big, mean looking dog?

    You also may not remember this but I do know you…. You coached my son’s soccer team years ago. You weren’t very pleasant to my son, nor my husband or I then… seems you haven’t changed much. Quite sad. I hope you have a good day otherwise.



    No comment on the rest of this since I wasn’t there, but I will say that I used to try varying my route because of barky dogs.

    I’ve since concluded that every single street in Highland Park has barky dogs living on it. So I just cope.



    dogs bark..

    especially when someone they don’t know passes by their fence

    they could be spending too much time in their yards and barking for attention

    or they could be barking to warn you to stay out of their yard..

    either way.. as long as all they are doing is barking as you pass you have little to complain about.

    i just spent some time on airplanes and in public spaces including some pretty expensive restaurants

    and find the expectation that dogs should behave better than most people’s children absurd.

    heck.. i find the notion that dogs should behave better than most celebratory adults absurd..

    and yet.. somehow .. for the most part.. they do.

    makes you think, doesn’t it.


    4th of Eight

    SJoy, I LIKE when doggies do what yours did(3-5 secs. OMGosh!). It means that they are doing their job, alerting, announcing. Also, as a non-dog owner, when one of the neighbor dogs that normally behaves, but barks more than a usual announcing(or ‘hello’), it makes me look out the window down the street and usually, especially if its after dark,’it’s someone up to no good. I appreciate the extra eyes and ears in the hood, and since it is an animal, it has a bigger heart than some said humans! Mr. Grumpass needs to get over himself.(AND not coach children either. Yikes!) do not worry. You sound more than responsible, and give your pooch a little Scooby snack for me!



    Hooray! It looks like we have a winner! To all of us who’ve been hoping for a new topic to enliven the forum, this could be the one. The only way to improve upon it: The rude, dog-dissing man spend his nights sleeping in a car outside someone’s house.

    P.S. I love dogs!



    lol…Mr. Grumpass…gotta remember that :)



    Yeah, Mr Grumpass is a good one, and perfectly appropriate in this case. :-)

    Just before I first read this yesterday, I had gotten off the bus with my groceries, and was s “greeted” by the little Chihuahua, (or similar) that lives in the fenced yard at my bus stop. It’s a narrow sidewalk and parking strip, so, we’re literally a few inches apart as I land on the sidewalk.

    I always give him a cheerful “Hi”, and go on my way after getting myself situated to lug the groceries home.

    I admit, that I’ve been known to jump when walking past a yard, and all of a sudden a dog runs up to the fence and starts barking, but that’s because I’m usually daydreaming as I walk along.

    For the most part, I know where the houses are, on my normal walking routes, that may have a dog or so out in the yard, so I simply walk by, and if I can see the dog(s) through/over the fence often offer that cheerful “Hi” as I walk by.




    JoB, agree with everything you said. My dogs are by far more well behaved than some children I see out in public. And adults, too!




    mine aren’t:(

    at least not with other people and dogs

    they are rescues who have two different problems

    one was taught by a very stupid man to jump, bark and bite people

    and one was taught by being turfed through too many dog packs that if you attack first you eliminate problems later

    which is why i keep them behind a couple of fences unless i am in the front yard with them.

    they mind like angels and are a joy to be with as long as i am there to supervise…

    and are great guard dogs

    few people are stupid enough to ignore the signs and head through the gate to my front door



    Well bless you for rescuing them and a pox on whoever tortured them in the past.



    4th of E – Total Agreement. I make a point of knowing the dogs in my neighborhood, and more importantly, letting them know me. They know I am Not A Threat. The bored ones bark in happy greeting because they know I’ll stop and say hello. The Canines On Guard make Token Noises which I politely acknowledge as I go on my way.

    Should I ever be Startled/Scared by a dog I will consider it my own fault for Not Paying Attention.




    they are far more responsibility than i had planned to take on

    but they enrich my life in ways i didn’t expect

    and yes.. a pox on all who abuse animals


    even i have been startled by a dog’s barking a time or two ;->



    JoB – Startled and more myself; learned the hard way to not cross through an unknown dog’s territory in the dark (foolish teenage self taking a Short Cut – Ouch).



    Grazie.. me too … :)



    ALERT!! Hot Button Post Follows:

    So, I noticed, yet again this weekend, that there were 4 or 5 unleashed NON-service dogs walking around with their buddies inside Home Depot this weekend. Now, I double-checked just to be sure and yes, it is posted outside (albeit not very large) that only service dogs are allowed in the store.

    For reference, none of the dogs seemed to be unfriendly or menacing in any way. (As mentioned above.)

    Home Depot isn’t a place that this bothers me as much as others lately – most specifically restaurants but having said that…

    …is this just an extension of the “rules don’t apply to me” syndrome that is rampant in lots of places? Do folks think this worthy of note? Should they just take down the signs?? Open to thoughts.


    trying to strike a balance between respect for others and being a crumudgeon.



    hey, being a curmudgeon ain’t all that bad ;-D



    Love the Grumpass :) thank you all. It makes me sad that people are so uneducated and rude. When the man initially started walking by, my dog started barking but the the guy became very rude and – I like to use the term – he was “mean-mugging” my dog and then me. He wouldn’t stop staring at us and you could feel the disgust. So of course – my dog kicked it up a notch. He went from barking to say “hey hurry up and walk by my territory” to “don’t threaten me”. What so many people don’t know is – don’t stare at a dog meanly… they take this as a threat.

    My dog surely isn’t perfect, but I felt he did his job there. Enough from me… it just makes me sad :(

    JOB – great on the rescues. It is very sad that people do the things that they do to dogs. We got our pitbull as a puppy only because we needed him smaller (for a minute) than my yorkies so that we had a fighting chance of them getting along. In the future we plan to always rescue pitbulls. I would love to do a rescue organization for pitbulls but I don’t think I could take the emotional roller-coaster of what people do to these dogs.



    I love seeing dogs at the Home Depot, or anywhere, really, as long as they’re well-behaved (and most are). This last June I saw a monkey, and got this poor photo of it. Made my day. I’m sure there are no signs prohibiting monkeys. :)



    It seems silly to expect a dog not to act like a dog. You had yours fenced, it seems to me you met your responsibilities in the matter. I bet Mr. G is afraid of dogs (and embarrassed about it.)




    i have shibas.. who have entered the fast track for the emotional roller coaster for what people do to these dogs…

    to be honest, if i knew then what i know now i probably wouldn’t have taken this on…

    but i didn’t and they own large chunks of my heart now.



    A dog knows when you’re afraid of them and reacts.

    Know a chihuaha that hates men with black shoes, will try to attack them not the man. ???

    A neighbor had a small terrier type here that had been abused and rescued. Wouldn’t let anyone near. Hunkered down and retreated. That’s sad.



    I think a lot of assumptions were made here based on not very much information. I have no way of knowing if it’s the same house, but there is a situation on SW Barton that puts a different spin on a similar scenario.

    The house in question has a dense hedge. There doesn’t appear to be a fence lining the hedge. It’s impossible on approach to know if there is a dog in the yard. I was walking down the sidewalk to work, when – without any warning at all – a massive German Shepherd head thrust through the fence, loudly barking and snapping, it’s jaws just grazing my pant leg. It was like something out of Universal Studios. He was able to reach some distance into the sidewalk, well beyond the property line. I jumped sideways and almost fell off the curb, twisting my ankle in the process. A woman with a toddler was approaching, and said that the same thing had happened to them when they’d passed earlier.

    It’s one thing to have a fenced yard with barking dogs in it, that people can see and avoid if they so choose. It’s quite another to allow an animal to ambush people on a public sidewalk without any warning at all. This was a truly frightening experience, and one that could have resulted in injury – if not a heart attack.

    Again, it’s probably unlikely that this is the same house. I’m merely trying to point out that it’s prudent to use caution when making judgments based on half of a story.



    there is a house on my alley where the dog has managed to nearly break through the backyard fence..

    I am pretty certain that the owners aren’t aware.. there is a hedge there and they likely put the dog out and shut the door.

    needless to say.. i no longer walk the dogs that direction in the alley..

    one of these days when he breaks through and wanders down the alley to visit my dogs in their backyard, i will be returning that dog to his owners…

    that’s how i let the owners of the dog who dug under his fence a couple of years ago know their dog needed attention…

    in this case.. the OP stated that the dog was chained on a short chain.. the yard was fenced and she came out of the house to find out why the dog was barking.

    not really the same thing



    Sorry, that is not our house :) We live in the admiral district. There are no barriers to the front of our house (except the fence) so people can see him if he is out and cross the street if they are that uncomfortable.

    He also, as I stated, is chained so he can’t get to the sidewalk either. We try to never leave him out unattended and when he is and he begins barking we are right outside managing the situation. He and my small dogs love to bark (ugh) so we are really trying to manage it. We’ve tried water bottles, water bombs, loud jangly things – all of the things that our trainer has suggested. They work for a minute but then they don’t.

    Someday we will be able to afford to put in a back door and stairs to the back yard :(

    Anonyme – I’m sorry you had that run it, it sounds very scary :(

    Job – you should really let the owners know about the fence condition. If that were my yard, I would want to know.



    You sound very responsible, SJoy. I’ll admit that I’ve been afraid of dogs for most of my life due to unpleasant experiences when I was a kid. I’m working on that because I know most dogs are not slavering monsters who want to eat me. ;) My husband loves dogs and I would love for us to be able to get one for him.

    Unfortunately, when I first moved to Highland Park there were a few people with aggressive dogs–to me there’s a difference between a dog that barks to let me know it’s his yard, and one that charges the fence, snarling, whenever anyone passes on the sidewalk. It’s unsettling. And I have a few neighbors who let theirs roam around loose on the street, and get awfully defensive when I ask them to not do that. (All else aside, aren’t they worried about their pet getting hit by a car? I would be.)

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