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    oops! guess i’m not quite done. can’t let you get away with that one, hoffanimal.

    i fully support cyclists and cycle-friendly roadways. got a road diet? cool! tax me. i’ll gladly pay for more bike paths, bicycle lanes, and traffic-calming measures. you want to change laws regarding bikes on city streets? i’m your guy at the ballot box.

    but i can’t let you get away with telling me that staying home to avoid being hurt or killed is the same as not taking undue risks. that’s just fallacious and inflammatory. in other words, i’ll gladly walk across any intersection to get to a party – but not without looking both ways, even when i have every right to step out into a crosswalk that bisects a 35 mph arterial and expect traffic to stop.

    yeah, the cars are required by law to stop. but will they? are you willing to bet your life on it? how about your kid’s?

    look. crossing the street shouldn’t carry a bigger risk than skydiving. but it does. and that’s a fact that you can’t wish away.

    and i’m sorry, but that kind of prudence isn’t even a close cousin to paranoia. it’s wisdom and self-preservation.

    but if you want to eschew that prudence and instead shriek about passive/aggressive fear-mongering, be my guest. i’ll gladly be the witness who calls 911 and renders aid rather than risk my skin to get from point A to point B just because it’s my right.



    I just received the West Seattle Herald in the mail today, and in the “Looking Back” section (or whatever it’s called–the section with historical letters and crime reports), there were two letters that caught my eye. The first was about how driver safety has gone downhill and the writer had seen more bad driving incidents in the previous few months than ever before. The second was someone ranting about parents allowing their children to play baseball in the street, with pretty much the exact arguments that are in this thread.

    I believe these letters were from the 1930’s. What are the chances we can keep this discussion going another 80 years?



    I take my baby out in his stroller and chain it behind my Harley. We then head out on the West Seattle Bridge, over I-90, and into the mountains. Baby loves the ride, and it’s a great way to spend the day. Be sure to apply sunblock, though! Better safe than sunburned.




    wouldn’t it be sad if it took another 80 years to create safer alternatives



    Whoa, RB, not sure what I am “getting away” with but you’re the one letting loose with the inflammatory zingers – “what if that stat rises to just one child killed in a bike trailer in 10 years? if it’s your kid, is it worth being right?”

    And I, as you, will help our anyone in need regardless of the situation.

Viewing 5 posts - 51 through 55 (of 55 total)
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