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    Michael Waldo

    How did the city choose the paving company for the new viaduct? Uneven pavement, bumps where they had to cut out pieces and re-pave, a truck drove over it while it was still soft and left deep tire treads. Our tax money used for a completely terrible job. Governments must take the lowest bidder and the lowest bidder can be awful. I know form experience.



    Germany requires that contractor’s provide road maintainence for long time periods such as 15 to 25 years or so as a key provision of the contract for any public roads. The winning contractor must provide a bond or insurance policy for said maintainence to ensure the requirement is met. I know this was true in the 1990’s anyway. It makes sense. A contractor is less likely to use inferior products and procedures if it must pay for maintainence for a long time into the future. This also provides for more accurate budget forcasting for the local government jurisdictions as there won’t be “surprise” maintainence the public must pay for. Does anyone know how to insist developers and contractors pay for community impacts? For instance just how long will the 1950’s single-family home sewer and water deep infrastructure hold up to 4 densly populated urban villiages and thousands of planned new units??? One day during a Super Bowl ad one too many WS toilets will flush …causing a cascading deep failure of the entire WS water and sewer system. The developers will be long gone by then…and the city’s planners will have already received their “payments” to let this slide by…ahem I mean appropriate lobbiest “gifts” …and WS gets a special tax levy and torn up streets for years!


    tom kelley

    I can’t help thinking of the debacle on the 520 bridge pontoons. How can the State be so accommodating with our money when dealing with a contractor doing such inferior work?



    +1. The surface for the spokane street viaduct is horrible for a new surface. Shoddy work.



    @Wsn00b, completely agree! I drive the Spokane Street Viaduct daily and every day I think to myself, “Really? THIS is the finished product??” So much for pride in workmanship ;(

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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