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    I am so sick and tired of the closure of the Lower Spokane Street Bridge during peak hour traffic every single morning around 7:15am-7:30am. It causes major delays for everyone trying to merge onto the upper bridge. I noticed that the ONLY reason traffic backs up to the top of Admiral is when the lower bridge is closed. It’s a clusterf*ck, every single morning!

    Apparently West Seattle is the only neighborhood in Seattle where bridge closures during peak rush hour traffic is allowed. Why? You can see for yourself on SDOT’s website here: http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/bridgeopenings.htm

    Maybe there is a good explanation for the boat that HAS to go through every WEEKDAY morning at 7:15am? Or, maybe it is just someone who loves pushing buttons??????



    There was a rollover accident on 99 that backed up all traffic headed for the bridge this morning.



    I know, but the right lane to 99 on the upper bridge was free flowing by the time I actually made it onto the bridge. Just getting to the upper bridge was the problem.



    Wow I must be just barely missing that traffic, I take the lower bridge every morning but I don’t think I actually get there until about 7:20-7:30. There was one morning that the bridge was up around 7:15 and traffic was a nightmare that day. They shouldn’t be allowed to open the bridge during 6:30-9:00…



    I trust when all of the new apartments/condos are filled with tenants in the Junction, the “wonderful” people at SDOT will have a solution to the traffic backups in West Seattle…..



    it’s interesting that the Lake Washington ship canal openings take 4 minutes, and the openings are restricted during rush hour, while the low bridge openings take longer (10 minutes) and it opens on demand, no rush hour restrictions. no respect here-jeeze..



    I work on Harbor Island so I’m basically forced to take the lower bridge. I agree it is senseless to allow bridge openings anytime between 7A and 9A. This issue was discussed some years ago and the shipping interests were unwilling to be flexible. I also agree it takes WAY too long to open and close the bridge. Very frustrating part of living in West Seattle and working outside of West Seattle.



    I am doing something about it – voting for McMurray and kicking out McGinn.



    This bridge bottleneck to I-5 is a horror story. It’s already backed up by 6:30 a.m..Just cannot imagine it after all the Condos are built and how many hundreds of more cars. Now, this is

    not intended as a provocation but a sincere, honest question because I really want input–How is Mcginn implicated in this W. Seattle bridge traffic fiasco? I am still making up my mind over these mayoral “Choices.”

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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