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    Forgot to post this last week, but I think it’s still important info for neighbors. I came home last Thursday (7/21) to find an opened package on my doorstep. There was a business card and note from an officer explaining that quite a bit of mail had been stoeln in the area and they had found a pile in the bushes in South Park. He came by the house later and explained that they had returned as much as possible. Hubby and I had just said, the day before, that we hadn’t had mail in a few days. So…KEEP AN EYE OUT! In other comments I noticed Arbor Heights neighbors mentioning missing mail, so there may be more to it than just a one time thing in Highland Park. A big eff you to the mail thieves and a huge THANK YOU to Officer Pitts for returning our package. It would have been a giant pain to have the VA resend the contents! In my general experiences, I have dealt with some (not all) rather condescending police officers in West Seattle over the years and I am always so happy when I come in contact with an officer like Mr. Pitts…friendly and helpful. Now…hopefully my mail will stop dissapearing. Neighbors have to be on the look out for eachother!!


    lucky chick

    Argh. Bummer. I guess I should call the police too. I’ve had an empty mailbox for about 5 days out of the last 10, and that never happens. Not the first time, either. I’m in Gatewood. Now all packages go to work.



    Yep…I think it was about 4-5 days we noticed no mail. Then we got some for a few days, then I came home to this opened package. I guess medicated lotion wasn’t on their list of treasures, thank god. But who knows what else is missing! He was interested to hear that we had had an empty mailbox for a few days. I have a case number somwhere, but Officer Pitts is who we spoke with. Time for a locking mailbox I guess…



    It’s a little bit of a walk to the mailbox but I liked my centralized official PO mailbox. Especially for things like packages you might want to look into getting these.



    Living near 100th and 42nd, I asked my mail carrier if a centralized mailbox might be a possibility (there is already one on 41st) and was told that it may be several years before that might happen on my street!



    We live in highland Park and have had alot of car burgleries on our block in the past 2 months and our mail was not coming but found out it was the carrier not getting it out.



    Nichelle, you must have the same carrier we do (did.) He was a total slacker, and we found that we NEVER got mail on Wednesdays or Fridays. Seems as though he just took those days off. I haven’t seen him in awhile, and have seen a new carrier. Now we get mail most days, with the occasional Friday off.

    Westwood post office in general can be incredibly slow. Something from across town often takes 10 days to arrive, and items we mail from that PO also take many days. I’m going to do an experiment and send letters from Westwood and the PO in the junction at the same time. We’ll see which arrives when.



    bummer, any chance you could remove your mailbox and put a mail slot in your front door? That way the mail is always securely in your house, even while away on vacation? Packages are still another issue though….not sure what to do about those….

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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