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    HollyW, thank you for taking enough of an interest in me to go through my Profile to dig up some dirt on me.

    Here is the comment by another user, that AFAIK, I have not yet met in person, but have enjoyed their participation, and interaction with them in WSB Forums:

    How many more times would I have to post to be part of the in crowd and invited? ; )

    Please note the “winky smilies” in both the comment I responded to, and my response.

    My intent, was a light-hearted response, to what I perceived to be a light-hearted comment.

    I really do hope to meet that person, and others I haven’t met yet, as well as some of the close friends I’ve met through WSB, and acquaintances I have met maybe only a time or two.

    It’s always nice to put a face to a name, whether there has been years of interaction on WSB, or only recent interaction.




    Mike, FWIW, we’ve never met but I sure appreciate the fact that your presence here is often one that lightens up a thread and is about being helpful.

    If that makes you part of the “in-crowd”, then I aspire to it as well. :-)



    Thanks, wake! :-)




    hmmm..part of the “in crowd”. How long do I have to stay away for that to not be a derogatory term on here. I come here, so what? once a day, maybe (I have the time, and I like to know what’s going on). I make comments. maybe more than once. It’s a forum.

    Should we censor ourselves, so as not to be called a “derogatory term? I dunno. But I do know that I have made some close forever friends since I started on here at the forums inception. I have received unbelievable support from my community when I needed it a few years ago. It swelled my heart. If I had not become involved, thought that, “wow, I don’t want to meet those awful people”, I may not be where I am today. Ultimately, who gives a damn how long someone has been here, how many times someone posts? Why is that such an issue with some people? Why, HollyW, people have even said this “in crowd”, if you will, controls the editor of the WS Blog. Really! Can you imagine? Svengali, perhaps? lol

    Yes, I get a bit peeved at all of that., just as I get a bit peeved that there are some people that think they’re more “special” than anyone else because of where they live, or where they work, or how much money they have. Ultimately we are all community. We may not agree with each other at times, but…still community. And written word on here is sometimes taken incorrectly. You can only “know” someone and what they’re really like by meeting them. I’m looking forward to our little picnic, and meeting some new faces. Others can make that choice to come or not, just like you, the OP, have decided, based on whatever they perceive. But it will be fun, just as all our other “meet-ups” have been fun.

    Besides, if we all agreed all the time, how boring would that be? :D

    These soapboxes need to go…way too many, I’m thinking – :)



    Welcome back, HollyW! I hope you had a great vacation (September is always my favorite time to get away …) and that what went on here while you were gone doesn’t stop you from posting in the future. I remember your fireworks vs. dogs thread a while back; it was really a good discussion, with most people agreeing with you. This time it was different, but I hope you can chalk it up to divergence of opinion — people just don’t share your belief that it’s discourteous to walk on a dead-end street — rather than to meanness or lack of caring about you or your experience.



    seaopgal…I think you just about nailed it :) yes, “divergence of opinion”….



    ‘”The Dead-end Streets of Seattle: The Guided Tour”‘ … oh lord, not another zombie movie! Or maybe a sequel to ‘Sleepless in Seattle’?




    my experience with the personal meet-ups that have brought people from the forum together is that I have met some people I liked and some I didn’t..

    and I discovered some people aren’t at all like I thought they were .. some arent’ even the same sex i thought they were.

    jump in the deep end.

    You too could be part of the in crowd…

    all you have to do to gain that dubious status is post



    HollyW, I see the intent of my comment on your OP was lost; that happens too often when one attempts irony online without emoticons or other devices to suggest a wry intention. What I hoped would be obvious is that people who live in rural areas and typically have an abundance of the features you value in your dead end street— “privacy, the lack of traffic, the quiet, and lack of distraction”— nevertheless often have to employ signage to help maintain those conditions. But I was being genuine in suggesting that changing your mind/outlook/viewpoint might be a worthwhile alternative to consider. None of that was intended to suggest seriously or sarcastically that you consider moving.



    I also hope my post didn’t come off snarky.

    I’ve helped friends determine the public vs private status of their streets before when dealing with abandoned cars, etc. My instructions are actually just a cut and paste from an email I sent to someone a while ago.

    It was popular, for a while, for developers to put in small pocket developments only served by a private road, so there are plenty of both public and private roads out there and it can make a difference in how you (or anyone) approach people.

    Dumping, though, is illegal no matter what! If you ever see them get a pic of their license plate and go from there…



    Wait, what? The OP wanted to complain, anonymously, and is all kinds of ticked that people actually responded? And that they were goofy and didn’t take her seriously? And she’s all offended? Strange. Very strange.

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