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    JoB, would you prefer we just give them a “North End Parking Ticket”? You know, slash their tires and walk away? I would rather live around a bunch of “because I can” than, “I don’t care”



    If I read correctly the car is blocking wheel chair pedestrians. I see the Parking Enforcement folks quite often around North Admiral – maybe flag one down. Were they aware of the issue, I imagine it would be addressed according to law. If calling SPD results in squat may I suggest locating the local Neighborhood watch person? If there is one. Or calling SPD Parking directly, not the non-emerg line.

    edit: one other idea, the local Precinct of the SPD often has a Community Officer charged with local oversight. They are there to address local goings-on.



    No Carson..

    i wouldn’t rather you sliced their tires..

    i would rather you did the neighborly thing and knocked on their door or left a pleasant note on their windshield.


    i really liked Irukandji’s idea of printing this thread and sending it to them… ;->

    who knows.. maybe they just don’t know any better…

    and you will make a friend…




    No one is debating the fact the Jeep is in violation, nor is anyone saying it’s not a big deal to block the sidewalk. If it were me, it would certainly add to my frustration if they had an unkempt yard, ample driveway space, AND couldn’t figure out how to park on the street.

    But it’s interesting that you’d rather rant on a blog about the person’s parking and defend your parking enforcement calls (9 posts now) but won’t talk to them or leave a note. It’s a rather sunny morning, take a walk over.



    Moxilot, again, it takes 10 seconds to post, it takes 5 minutes to walk over, what can I say, I am lazy? I walk my wife to the bus at 6:30 am most days, with my dog Carson (see picture), that is when I typically find the Jeep blocking the sidewalk. Not every day, but usually once a week or so. I don’t think its a good idea to knock on their door, at 6:30am. I happened to walk by during normal daylight hours and saw the offending Jeep again parked on the sidewalk. It was raining out, I called SPD, for the second time in the past few months. To be honest, I consider the way they park their car to be rude and inconsiderate. If they had a party and needed the space, I understand, but its just being lazy, like me not wanting to invest the 5 minutes to walk over there. If I thought they were good neighbors or I even cared, I would have dropped a note. I don’t care. I don’t know them, they add nothing to the area but an unkept house and yard. Since the Jeep was actually parked on the street this morning I am assuming they got the hint.




    so write the note today..

    put it in a baggie

    put it in your jacket pocket

    next time you walk your wife to the bus stop

    and they are illegally parked

    leave the note

    if the note grows cooties in your pocket

    it wasn’t that big a problem:)



    JoB, knock yourself out, you know where they live. I would rather they just keep getting tickets if they are ignorant enough to keep blocking the sidewalk.



    Carson (or Carson’s owner),

    If you tally up all the time you have spent on this forum ranting about the Jeep you could have hauled your lazy butt over there and addressed the problem. Has SPD even ticketed them yet? I know from personal experience that calling in (no matter how often) does not equate to a rapid SPD parking violation response. Just saying, you keep commenting so it is obviously an issue with you, be proactive rather than reactive and you might be pleasantly surprised.



    Oh JoB and jwws- it’s no use. Carson isn’t going to leave a note no matter how much we poke him.

    And considering this-

    “I would rather live around a bunch of “because I can” than, “I don’t care”

    then later

    “or I even cared, I would have dropped a note. I don’t care.”

    Carson doesn’t even want to live on his own block. :) (Just messing around, C. By the way, cute pup!) I’m almost rooting for this guy to keep parking like an idiot until C gets so irked with parking enforcement that a note is left or a conversation is had.



    I am Carson’s owner, er, the guy that walks and feeds him. I did address the problem. I don’t know if they got a ticket, but I do know for the first time the car was parked on the street, not the sidewalk, so its just an assumption on my part. If I actually cared about them (they don’t care enough to NOT block the sidewalk) then I would consider addressing them. I don’t. So, I rant, I mean, isn’t this rants and raves?



    In the Good ‘Ole’ Days… the person with the complaint would of baked a dozen cookies (or a rhubarb pie!) knocked on the door and politely introduced themselves and offered the baked goods, politely explain the situation, and walked away with the problem solved and gained a new “good” neighbor.



    Carson’s owner,

    Maybe Carson could leave them a “doggie note” near the Jeep – tit for tat. You care enough to continue ranting but how does that solve anything (other than keeping a few of us amused)? By your own admission, they don’t always block the sidewalk so maybe you just lucked out today – don’t assume they got a ticket, you know what they say about assuming………



    I would handle this head on and go to the door instead of leaving a note. You’re going to get a lot more mileage out of the personal touch than by tattling or leaving an anonymous note.

    Leaving an anonymous note is a lot like posting in this forum – a lot of pointless blustering.




    let’s hear it for good manners. there is nothing political about them… you either have them or you don’t:)

    but i think i am with brew.. i’d be inclined to bring cookies … it’s really hard for anyone to be nasty to you when you bring them cookies ;->

    Carson.. you know… i am going to knock myself out and send them this thread…

    who knows what they will make of it.



    Yikes.. 11 pages :(



    I know out here in Mayberry we solve all of our problems with a polite note on the windshield or a handshake and smile, but out in the real world our attempts at civility are subject to ridicule. See http://www.passiveaggressivenotes.com/.

    No one likes to be lectured. If someone’s doing something illegal, then I see absolutely nothing wrong with a gentle reminder from The Man. There are already a hundred neighbors I have the misfortune of not knowing better; I’m not about to seek acquaintance with the guy that can’t even be bothered to park off of the sidewalk.



    Jeffro…who cares what “they” think…that’s “their” problem :)



    Be a grown-up. Deal with the people directly. Don’t call the police. If they blow you off, then escalate the matter to the authorities.



    this really is more about how we view ourselves than it is about how we view them.



    I always love the “blame the ranter for everything” replies.

    I’m willing to bet that if the OP came here to rant and said “there was a Jeep owner parking on the sidewalk so I took it upon myself to knock on their door/leave a note on their vehicle about it. I was trying to be nice and neighborly about it but they yelled at me, told me never to bother them again/don’t ever touch their car again, etc.” that there would be just as many people saying “how dare you take the law into your own hands. That’s what parking enforcement and the cops are there for. You are in the wrong for bothering someone for something that you shouldn’t have gotten involved with. I would’ve yelled at you to if you came to my door and bothered me about that or if I saw you touching my Jeep without my permission. Mind your own business and call the people who’s job it is to contact owners that park illegally and write tickets.”

    I know nobody will admit that they would say that if Carson took the initiative, but c’mon, you know it feels better to find fault, no matter what actions a person takes. I dare any of you to just admit it. I double-dog dare ya.

    I can’t wait to see all the fault people are going to find with the “Thieves at Blockbuster” thread ranter/victim.



    So where’s the Jeep parked today?




    it is easy to write this all off as a blame the OP thread…

    When it is as easily seen as a conversation about how we choose to resolve issues with our neighbors..

    that’s how i choose to look at it…



    I still say that parking on a sidewalk is blatantly rude and the person is disregarding a pretty obvious law, so he deserves to have parking enforcement called. No need for a note.

    We’re not talking about an obscure law; this should be intuitive knowledge. Hey, don’t park in such a way that impedes a pedestrian right-of-way.

    Maybe I’m just a bitch, but if someone is stupid enough to genuinely think it’s ok to block a sidewalk, he deserves a fine, not a batch of cookies and friendly conversation.



    KBear, no the jeep was not parked there today, maybe its parked anywhere at the house 1 or 2 days a week, more like a visitor than a resident. Even the residents don’t seem like they are there often. Again, if someone leaves their car lights on, I have no problem knocking on your door and letting you know but if you are so ignorant and self-absorbed to always park on the sidewalk, and a busy sidewalk at that, then I have no desire to bring you cookies.



    Why do so many suggest that Carson makes a new friend with the neighbor? Is that a requirement? Personally, I don’t care to be “friends” with all of my neighbors. I just want all of us to be polite and considerate to each other and each other’s property…and to be cognizant of things we’re doing that interfere with the public right-off-way. It’s just being poite and considerate, whether it’s a stranger or a friend shouldn’t matter.

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