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    I am a dog owner and walk my dog regularly through the junction in the mornings. I have noticed an increase of dog poop, this morning was the worst. There was a large pile right outside QFC on the sidewalk and another outside the post office. There has been an increase of poop on the grassy easements and also in the junction park. COME ON DOG OWNERS, PICK UP YOUR POOP! I am tired of doing it for you!

    I know I am not following the rules and taking up the issue with the owners first. Believe me I would if I could catch them. If you do see this happening in your neighborhood let them know you see them and it is unacceptable.





    I am a dog owner too and am sick of this. I have seen more dog crap when I walk my dogs lately than I can ever remember. It amazes me that I NEVER see the person who is not picking it up, believe me if I did I would read them the riot act. They give the rest of us a bad name.



    I am not a dog owner, and I hate dog poop. I was at the Alaska park last Sunday with my 5 year old son. He was running around playing, and stepped in a big pile of poop!! I get so PO’D…..

    Please, please pick up your poop, OH and I would raise the riot act too!



    I must say… I have never seen a dog walker NOT pick it up. But the appear by magic all over the place. Is there a secret society that goes out by cover of darkness and does this?



    Going to invent the first doggie diaper…? Patent that…you will make gazillions…

    Upgrade to the optional bag flinging capability…you’re all set.



    I think the culprits walk their dogs early morning and late at night when they can’t be seen.

    I have seen people start to leave it on my parking strip many times. I simply open the door and say “you need a baggie, I have one”. Works every time.



    Nice one, Smitty. I like it.

    I once found dog poop that someone had neatly bagged and then left on a sidewalk in Ridgeview Playfield. Talk about unclear on the concept.



    Waiting for the bus by Roxhill Elementary today. Guy walking a big white dog on a rope strolls right past the “No Dogs” sign and heads across the playfield. When they reach the other side, doggie squats and leaves a large deposit. Owner and dog continue their stroll, oblivious.


    Betty T

    I believe there already are such things as “doggie diapers”.



    datamuse…yes. apparently some people just don’t get it or are very lazy. the other day on my walk to the store I passed by THREE little baggies of doggy doo. Really?! Why is it so hard people?!



    I am not a dog owner. I am a cat owner. And I have to apologize to my neighbors if my cat poops in your yard. I know that is a huge rant too. I wish there were kitty diapers too.



    Yep. I’m seeing bags of poop everywhere, too. ?Joggers too delicate to carry it home? Get a little doggy backpack for your dog to carry it for you. Or we’ll leave a pile of full bags at your entry door. Really. I’m watching… If only there were a way to have exploding ink deposit on the bag-droppers’ hands.



    I let the dig loose when a cat comes in the yard. No need to apologize. Never seen cat scat in my yard.


    @ anonyme, I’ve seen that too at elementary schools (blatant disregard for the scoop law and the law banning dogs on playfields or near play structures. Call animal control if you see people breaking this law or playing fetch with fluffy (there is also an off leash law). 206 386 7387.


    It’s against the law peeps .. don’t like it, move to the country, go to a dog park, work to change the law, etc. There are good reasons for these laws, dog owners who are scofflaws give dog owners in general a bad name. I can think of no better argument than being called out by fellow dog owners, which is what has happened above.


    This is a serious problem in West Seattle, just do a search on wsb .. there have been numerous threads about this problem.


    In another thread, I saw where someone reported animal control was handing out tickets at Hiawatha for off leash and scoop law violations. A word to the wise is sufficent.



    anyone know when dogs started to be allowed at the Farmer’s Market? I was there on Sunday and saw the new sign. Of course, there are rules posted, like, don’t let your dog jump up on the food, etc. And then I walk in and see a dog jump up on the food. What gives? It was so nice not to have them there. Between that and the strollers in the summer…. good luck.



    Unfortunately, I have found that there are not enough Animal Control personnel to respond to a call (206 386 7387)in a timely manner.



    If you know where the perp lives, or if you have a car license #, you can report poop and/or off-leash violations online. Unfortunately, this info is rarely available.

    While walking my dog in Arbor Heights this afternoon I passed a woman with FOUR off-leash dogs, two of them Border collies. Do you really think she has an eye on where every one of those dogs might be taking a crap? Do you think she cares? I’m guessing that one law broken just leads to another.



    We carry spare bags in our coat pockets, in our cars, and have a trashcan filled with them at the front and back doors. Whenever I can – usually when I’m walking, and not running, my two cattle dogs – I’ll pick up ALL the poop I come across, not just my own dogs’.

    Here in the city, it is so freaking easy – there are trash cans, commercial, public, private, everywhere. I know I’d rather people put their dog poop in my trashcan rather than leave it in my yard!

    Its usually not an issue in the city, but if I’m on an out-and-back trail run/walk with one of the dogs I’ll leave the bag on the side of the trail for the return leg. It always seems to happen in the first mile, carrying a bag of poop for an extra three or four miles – when I can leave it, run that distance, and then grab it on the final return mile – seems reasonable. Sometimes someone has picked it up for me. Sometimes I grab other bags I come across. And once-in-a-very while, I admit, I forget to grab it, and hope that all those times I’ve picked up someone else’s dog poop has earned me a little bit of karma.

    That’s my two cents.


    Ms. Sparkles

    I walk houdini hound and his fluffy friend every morning before sunrise and when I do see other dog walkers they (like me) have bags of doo with them. My guess is that the offenders may be in advertant; houdini hound has made 7 great escapes in 7 months he’s lived with me – it’s possible he’s making deposits during his adventures and if so I am sorry.



    Some good news from tonight’s Southwest District Council meeting: Erica from the Junction Neighborhood Organization (community council in the area) says they’re working on this. I’ll be checking in with her re: details after the meeting (which I’m covering right now) – TR



    poop poop peedoo….



    There will always be dog lovers and cat lovers and kid lovers too… all poop. The difference is parents who are irresponsible, since all three can’t pick up there own. That doesn’t mean making kids, cats and dogs expelled from places they enjoy. It means making parents or owners be responsible. Put the blame where appropriate, don’t let everyone else pay for the irresponsible ones’ out there. There are many elderly people at the Alaska House who are very responsible for their animals aka kids and find our new little park a safe haven. I do not believe that a few haters should make this a mountain out of a mole hill. Remember this was a dirt lot for 5 years after the city bought it. I personally will put a bag dispencer out for all to use so everyone including kids, cats, and dogs can enjoy. The signs will not stop those who choose not to pickup after themselves or their responsibilities… We all live with people like that so we must choose to pick up or shut up because they won’t change but we can choose to make things easier and better for all. It takes 1 minute extra and the trash can is right there to help. So Erica put your efforts somewhere that matters… like feed one of the homeless or help give them shelter.

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