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    OK, Can somebody tell me why “Some” runners decide to run, against traffic, IN the bike lane? This is SO dangerous for them and it’s can’t be legal. Please stop doing it, run on the side walk where you are much less likely to be hit.



    To answer your question, because the asphalt is softer than concrete (the sidewalk). If you’re having a hard time buying this then try hammering a nail into concrete and then into asphalt.

    Granted it may not seem like much but when a person runs MANY miles it makes a huge difference to their body.



    I’m not a runner but do walk around my neighborhood (Gatewood). My opinion is that several sections of the sidewalks have a) trees and shrubs jutting into the sidewalks b) slippery leaves and moss that homeowners haven’t bothered to clear/power-wash away c) parked cars blocking right of way on the sidewalk. Not sure how statistically safer the slippery sidewalks are for runners trying to maintain a steady clip. I even see regular walkers using the street and not the sidewalk.



    But doesn’t it seem terribly Unsafe for them ? I think I would run around one of the many tracks in West Seattle.



    ‘Unsafe’ is a relative term, but for the most part it is indeed (potentially) less safe than running somewhere where there are no cars. But then it can be equated to those of us who choose to bike-commute, it’s all about how you present yourself (visibility wise) and the decisions you make while doing it.

    But until you’ve ran a mile in their shoes…

    With over 300 bib numbers in a box in my closet, a vast majority of them are for running-races to include 7 marathons, 11 half-marathons and dozens of shorter distance competitions.

    When training for long distance races you need to run long distances on alike surfaces, thus why you will see those who choose to do it in the street, circling around a track thousands of times to simulate 26.2 miles (as an example) just does not cut it OR ready your body and mind for what race-day has in store.

    I’m not defending them or their actions, rather enlightening those who haven’t been there to the mentality that drives such actions.



    It is not only stupid, but it is also illegal.

    SMC 11.40.220

    Walking on sidewalk.

    Where there are sidewalks provided, no pedestrian shall move along and upon an adjacent roadway. Where sidewalks are provided but wheelchair access is not available, disabled persons may move along and upon an adjacent roadway until they reach an access point in the sidewalk.

    (Ord. 115323 Section 4, 1990: Ord. 108200 Section 2(11.40.220), 1979.)

    “It is not legal for pedestrians to walk or jog in the street if a sidewalk is available,” Seattle Department of Transportation spokeswoman Peg Nelson said. “Any enforcement of this practice would have to come from the Seattle Police Department.”

    A runner could get a $56 ticket for violating section 11.42.040 of the Seattle Municipal Code, police Sgt. Sean Whitcomb said. Pedestrians also could get ticketed for facing the wrong direction.

    “If it’s something that we see and we’re not responding to a 911 emergency, it is something we would be able to take enforcement action on,” he said. “Whether that enforcement action is in form of contact and a warning or issuance of a citation ultimately is up to officer discretion.”



    Thank you Brew, I Knew it wasn’t legal but hadn’t found someone to ask to confirm this.



    I’m on my way to the gym every morning at 5:30. What really scares me is the walkers and runners in the street at that hour who have absolutely no reflective gear whatsoever and are even wearing dark clothes. Why???? I will go around you and give you lots of space if I see you, but sometimes I don’t see you until the very last moment. Despite your very unwise decision, I would feel awful if I hit you.



    I don’t mind if people run in the street, as long as they signal when they pass me.


    I’ve seen joggers run through busy arterial intersections without looking while wearing headphones in the morning while it’s still dark out. No reflective gear, etc.

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