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    I was at a WS hair salon recently, where I’ve been a semi-regular patron for several years. The previous time I was there was about three months ago. When I checked out after my haircut, the manager informed me that at my previous visit, they had accidentally charged me for a men’s haircut rather than a women’s cut, and I still owed them $13. She had added it to my current bill and after some hesitation, I paid it, after expressing surprise and the wish that I’d been told this when I made the appointment. (She explained that she hadn’t looked up my account when I made the appointment.)

    But the interaction left a bad taste. I felt that since it was their mistake, they should absorb the cost, or at least have called me immediately after the earlier haircut to let me know, rather than surprising me three months later with a high bill for a simple haircut.

    I would have felt better if the manager had acknowledged that by rights they should simply absorb the (gender-based) cost difference, but asked if I might be willing to cover the difference anyway — and I might well have said yes from a spirit of generosity, but I didn’t like being required to pay it.

    Am I off base? What would be your response?



    find another hair salon



    As Scouser says…find another salon.



    Not just questionable in terms of business practices, but terrible customer service. But you raise another good point, which is why the difference in cost due to gender? I think this could, and should be challenged in court. A good friend of mine works in a high-end salon, and a man’s haircut can be quite complex. Many women have what could be considered a “man’s” haircut and vice versa. The charge should be based on complexity, not gender. I would speak to the attorney general’s office about the practices at this salon.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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