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    I’m curious to see what others think. We have a new younger couple who purchased a home in the neighborhood. Prior to them, their next door neighbor, with permission from original owner of house took over a 2’x 8′ section of the front-side yard. Now since the new people have moved in, that “said” neighbor has taken over the remaining length of the new peoples yard (side yard) to the fact of even moving a portion of the their fence.
    We mentioned to the new people that, that is “their” yard and they said “oh we don’t mind”.
    Like I said, just want others thoughts on this. These neighbors (not the new ones) are old enough to know better, in their 50’s and have lived in the neighborhood 10+yrs. FWIW the prior owner of home was an elderly woman, original owner of home lived in home for 40 plus years and we feel these neighbors took advantage of her and are now doing the same to these younger homeowners.



    It sounds like the one neighbor had taken advantage of the elderly neighbors kindness and is now taking advantage of the younger neighbors naiveness and they should be ashamed of themselves! UNLESS of course they want to pay their portion of the property tax for the property they took over??? but i think its a NO.



    Aren’t there eminent domain laws? If they’ve had the property for a number of years isn’t it now theirs? But to Graciano’s point if they really don’t want-or can’t get the property back they should DEFINATELY contact the assessor’s office to have their property/taxes reassessed and point out the neighbor with more property to have their property/taxes reassessed.



    If you have an exsisting verbal agreement, I would do everything to make it a legal contract. Property line disputes can escalate very, very badly. Spend a few thousand dollars & have your lot surveyed & recorded. If you feel things getting hot, let an attorney do the talking & remove your emotions from the immediate conversation. I had an excellent attorney who advised me wisely: Don’t win the battle but lose the war.



    My thoughts.

    It sounds like the people actually, directly affected by this have no problems with the arrangement. Why do you? It’s not your yard. It’s not your business. Leave them alone. Don’t you have better things to worry about?



    Yes I suppose you are correct but you do not live in this neighborhood and you do not know these neighbors as we do. But wouldn’t you be concerned if you saw somebody do something wrong to a neighbor? But yes, I asked for peoples thoughts and you gave me yours, thank you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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