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    I am a fellow West Seattleite and I am looking to help out the local small businesses and non-profits in my community who are struggling. I would like to offer free consultant services to a business that is in need of someone to organize the projects they have or just to consult on best practices. My mission is to help businesses and non-profits who cannot afford professional project management services (and I get to help the community I love grow. Win-win!)

    My objective is to meet with the business to determine the scale of their needs and determine if they need someone to lead a portfolio of projects, one or two projects, or just help organize their projects for easy execution (by either me or themselves – depending on the work involved since I currently work as a Project Manager). We can then agree on the time frame of services and the expectations of how many hours per week. Also, you may not even know what you need and I can listen and guide you to your best options.

    -Rachael Dang, PMP, MBA/Project Management, CSSGB, CLP



    Hey there- I would be interested in receiving some insight about the direction that my business will be going. I’m not sure if project management is the route I need, but you never know:). I’m mainly interested in some legal advice due to needing to shut down my downtown business while maintaining and focusing on my West Seattle location. Regardless, it would be helpful to hear ideas and suggestions based on your career insight. Let me know if you are interested. At the very least, maybe you could help point me to the right location based on contacts that you know and your experience with small businesses. This is truly an amazing gift you are offering small businesses and I thank you for that! I certainly could offer some trade opportunities:). Amber



    Hi Amber,
    While I would not be able to provide legal services or advice, I am happy to have a few consultations with you to see what I can do to help you. Unfortunately, I do not have any legal contacts, but I can be on deck to help with the project of shutting down your downtown location and what needs to be done to focus on your West Seattle location. (I’m happy to hear that you are able to keep the W. Seattle one open. I love that place!). My expertise is in Financial and HR areas, but Project Management is Project Management.

    There is a lot of work involved with determining the steps you need to take, keeping track of the legal items, and making sure that the tasks get done. Something that you don’t have time to do! I’m about to move closer to your location (within walking distance) and I am happy to meet with you via video conference or six feet with a mask. Your choice :)


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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