Port losing 20% of its container business!

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    All of it located on Harbor Island.

    Sorry for those that will be moving to Tacoma, but all I can selfishly think is that my commute might get a tad bit better!

    Go Tacoma!




    this is not good news for the port

    or for our local economy



    In 2014, the Panama Canal expansion will be complete, allowing the big container ships to transit the Canal and go directly to the East Coast instead of offloading at West Coast ports. Bad news for the Port.



    bailecyclist: why would hanjin add thousands of miles to a sea route to get to galveston or wherever? or why would maersk use the canal just to get to los angeles?

    since ocean travel is the slowest, i don’t see how the canal will affect shipping, considering that by using it, they will have to circumnavigate north america.



    Interesting the entitlement implied in the posting title: “Port losing 20% of IT’s business”.

    The title might have more appropriately been along the lines of “…losing THE business…” or even better “…failed to be competitive and lost business it has previously held….”

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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