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    Sad day for Seattle



    Anyone know how to go about a recall petition for Council Members Herbold, Mosqueda, and Gonzalez? All three are a disgrace to their oath of office. All three have broken campaign promises to increase the SPD. All three “blow with the wind” and have no spine. All three and more must go. I’m willing to donate both my time and money to this cause. Whose will lead this effort?


    Michael Waldo

    This is not just sad, this is disgusting. The city counsel used the input of mobs to make policy. Chef Best said today the counsel never once reached out to her and involved her in the discussions of budget or policy. Are you kidding me? Then they insult her by saying they want to cut her salary by 40%. Why? No reason. We need to vote in a government that knows how to govern not just follow the loudest voices.



    It’s a huge disappointment that ANY body of government leadership – local, state or federal – would make such an important decision without reaching out to the community – the whole community – before quickly passing this type of backdoor deal. The City Council is supposed to reflect what the people of Seattle NEED not WANT – THEY WORK FOR US. They are not a independent council given cart blanch to do what only they see fit. I say we need a full vote of no confidence on the entire city council and recall the lot of them. Whether you lean left, right or somewhere in the middle, we all must realize that this is now a rouge council – not concerned in the least about what is needed for the city. They just take advantage of their self-imposed authority to pass their pet projects and are more interested in winning a popularity contest than doing their jobs. This is just shameful. Please, for the love of all you hold sacred, please, please vote in November!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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