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    8 am Pelican alert…..where did this lone Pelican come from? It is fishing off the lighthouse.



    White pelican? Brown pelican? Are you sure? Photo? (

    – TR (pelican fan but have never seen one any closer than Ocean Shores)



    We saw one fly by constellation park during one of this summers low tides. A brown for sure



    Rogue birds of any species are rare, but they are around. Here is an interesting graph of species by occurence in Washington compiled at end of October of this year:

    And a heads up to all my fellow birder Snowy Owl fans: one of the season’s first was spotted about 10 days ago at the Edmonds Pier in Snoho. Different years have different numbers in migrations, so cross your fingers we get a holiday sighting.



    There was one in West Seattle this morning – I actually just came back to this thread to get the URL because I’m mentioning it, and this, in a home-page blurb. Unfortunately no photo, nor of the pelican, so far! – TR



    Aha! That’s great.  What timing! 

    The annual Christmas Bird Count is on Saturday, Dec. 29.  The great thing about this fantastic citizen scientist event is it is now free.  $5.00 are accepted but no longer required!  

    There is a registration deadline, however on Dec. 17(Monday).  No expertise is required and it is a wonderful learning outdoor adventure for every age.

      I encourage curious peeps to participate in counting our birds here in West Seattle! Follow the link above and poke around to see how it works, the history and purpose of the annual Christmas Bird Count.  Big fun!

    And, yup.  You’ll get pix soon, no doubt.  

    These owls are so cool.  Magic!



    We had a good morning of birding at Alki yesterday, although we didn’t see the pelican (have seen reports of it there for about a week now). Also recent reports of a gyrfalcon!



    2 red-throated loons

    red-necked, horned, and western grebes

    surf scoters

    harlequins (always a highlight)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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