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    Is anyone else even slightly worried that (1) there won’t be an election in November because it will be too dangerous to change regimes or (2) there will be a conveniently scheduled attack on the US sometime in, oh, mid-October. Just checking.

    I really don’t like the fact that nothing is UNimaginable…especially since I’ve never been a particularly imaginative person.

    “the charla half …”



    have some chocolate charla.

    McCain backed off his stance on torture and is at least pretending to be fall in line. he wants that nomination.

    there will be an election. A fair election? well, who knows. But there will be one.



    maybe the next little anti-freeze meeting should be at Bakery Nouveau…mmm…chocolate…:)

    November will come…the election will come…will we be happy? who knows. I will not worry over things that are in the future, that I can’t control anyway (except with my vote)…

    deep breath, Charla :)



    and no charla… i don’t think you are all that paranoid… but we have lived snarky politics and know first hand how hard it is to pry a group that entrenched out of control… many of them interned with tricky dicky … and they waited a long time…

    but… let’s hope we are soooooo wrong..

    and in the meantime.. really good chocolate.

    janS has an idea there:)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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