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    I hoping to get some clarification from the community and local businesses about “curbside” parking that has obviously become a normal practice because of Covid and food delivery services. My question is what steps need to be taken in order to get these reserved curbside pick up spaces, and how much city street parking these businesses are allowed to take up.

    I live near the Whitaker on Edmunds/Fauntleroy and I think neighbors here would agree parking is a huge issue, not only because of the irregularities of ticketing but now understanding how to cope with/ respect these curbside areas to allow local businesses to best serve their customers.

    For example, Sound and Fog, coffee shop has a city issued permit for their curbside pick up parking, with a 15 minute limit.
    Also, there are food trucks that have obtained city issued permits to instate no parking and a towing penalty on Tuesday and Thursday in the area they occupy.

    I understand these businesses have gone through the necessary process to have city issued permits, however what do we do about the other ones that don’t? In my neighborhood we have random signage changing in front of Origins Cannabis shop. I have noticed and conversed with neighbors and local business owners that they (origins) do not have a permit and seem to move the sign around everyday; taking up more and more city street parking. I believe it’s been reported to “Find it Fix it” (a very useful app. For these issues)
    For the local community sake can we clarify this to avoid ticketing and towing?

    FYI This business (Origins Cannabis Shop) has an enormous parking lot as is for their customers and tows regularly from there. I am just trying to clarify this for our neighbors and hopefully making businesses more responsible and accountable for reserving parking that should be available to local residents.



    People who own cars shouldn’t expect the city to provide free, convenient storage for their automobiles. The Whittaker has a parking garage. For those who don’t have off-street parking yet still choose to own a car, they take their chances. Street parking is for everyone—that includes residents and visitors alike. That said, private businesses need to follow the rules and get a permit if they’re going to take up public parking spaces. If Origins doesn’t have a permit, there’s not much they can do if someone decides to park there.



    I responded to the OP in email, which they sent us before posting this. City records shows 4800 40th SW (Origins’ address) DOES have a curbside-pickup permit and has had one for months. – TR

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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