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    While there are certainly many ways that food is adulterated (and even poisoned) in the quest for corporate profits, there are likely some more concerning additives than Sodium Nitrite, which is more concerning in food that will be subjected to high heat.

    Uncured (or “naturally” cured) meats are pretty available now, although my understanding is that they commonly use Celery Seed which is a natural source of nitrites. In fact, many vegetables contain much higher concentrations of nitrites than processed meats do.

    I’m not one of those western medical science knows all kinds of people, and I believe it’s essential to question and research what we are putting in our bodies. My wife is a Naturopath and I’ve been swimming in the alternative health waters for a few years now. There’s a lot of faulty reasoning and outright quackery out there, and much if it is solely in the interest of marketing and making money, for a different set of corporations.

    There really are no shortcuts for asking your own questions and doing your own research.



    a lot of the problems with our food supply come from an overabundance of grains that are subsidized by the government. high fructose corn syrup, gluten, trans fats/hydrogenated oils… these things are becoming more of a problem as the population grows, matures, and develops allergies from saturation.

    and they’re cheaper than fresh food.

    next thing on the shelf: purina people chow! now with lipitor and bioenzymes!



    Hard to know what to believe exactly, but apparently the American Cancer Society has become convinced the there is no health risk to nitrites.


    Only about 5 % of nitrites that a person takes in will come from cured meats — the rest coming from water and vegetables such as carrots, lettuce and spinach.

    The human body also produces it naturally when the saliva interacts with sodium nitrate, to help control stomach bacteria. In fact, your body produces more than you will probably take in by eating.

    If your body were free of nitrites, you might develop gastroenteritis.

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    I’m a pretty objective thinker and thinks that we used to live a lot longer back in the days before Jesus’s time. They didn’t have the junk to mix in with your food like today’s does. I would think that food was a lot fresher and healthier back then.



    So what would Jesus do?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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