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    You forgot Ben & Jerry’s.



    rich: you also forgot the AFL-CIO.

    i think it’s funny that in one breath conservatives will talk about how the occupy movement is astro-turf, funded and backed by big-money socialists; then in the next they’ll talk about how disorganized and dirty and degenerate the protesters are.

    one would think that if big money were involved, then a big message would be broadcast. you know, all of those hollywood and cultural elites?

    yeah. take away the tea party’s permits, RV parking spaces, generators, and honey buckets and let’s see how quickly they start peeing in the bushes.

    oh, that’s right. i forgot. tea partiers believe in an america where no one drinks, does drugs, screws, or defecates, and where everyone owns a home.

    btw, rich, i keep telling you that the term “teabagger” came from the fact that those people were hanging teabags from their hat brims at their money-fueled rallies. they coined the term. not me.



    What I think is really cool, is how, since the Occupy Movement can ALL be identified by the few bad apples among the bunch (who, as in NYC, have probably been shipped in by the police, themselves, in order to discredit the movement), I guess that means we CAN tar the T-baggers with the violent racist tag, since there is NO DOUBT that WAS a major, visible, and vocal segment of THAT movement. Not just a few isolated outliers, but a MAJOR segment of the T-baggers.

    Which side of the political spectrum is always talking about “Second Amendment solutions?”

    But, of course, your blinders and short memories have successfully wiped that from your “brains.”



    It looks like the Occupy movement, with the help of The International Longshore & Warehouse Union and others, might actually be able to shut down all of Oakland tomorrow, including the ports. This is being done is response to the violent police attacks that took place last week.

    Should be interesting to see how that goes, but obviously Occupy momentum in growing by leaps and bounds.



    dawsonct FTW.


    HMC Rich

    Cherry Garcia… Baby!!!

    Did I say I was against those groups Redblack? Well, yes some of them.

    Teabagger….Totally possible that some innocents who do not know the urban dictionary would call themselves that, but the ones who know better just had to use it, didn’t they.

    But elements are causing trouble especially in Oakland last week. http://m.motherjones.com/mojo/2011/10/occupy-oakland-protesters-violence

    Credit those who are smart enough to stay civil. I commend them and damn the troublemakers. The bad elements tarnish the movement. I wish they didn’t. I want people to be civil.

    The Tea Party did not provoke violence nor does it want violence. All the Tea Party wants is that spending be controlled. That we balance the budget. There are a few other things but fiscal responsibility from ALL politicians, not just D’s or R’s.

    Actually we do believe people drink, take drugs etc. But we don’t glorify it. We don’t promote pot and drugs which are supplied by Mexican Cartels who murder and chop people’s heads off. Just think, that fatty you just rolled or that rock you smoked might have cost someone’s life. Some family might not have a mommy, daddy or child because of your selfishness.

    Alcoholism is a disease that doesn’t care what political view you have. Depression is not Democrat or Republican. We too are only human and try to help people. Society is better when we help others. Part of government can help but some parts cannot.

    But we do differ when you compare classes of people vs individuals. We believe in the individual and opportunity. And we believe there are limits to governments effectiveness, just like there are limits to us humans. Civilized behavior is much better than Law of the Jungle.



    rich: we don’t glorify those things, either, but neither are we in denial about them. it speaks volumes that those are the things that conservatives want to pillory the 99% patriots with.

    and it’s the law of the jungle that’s running wall street right now.

    why do you think people are so angry? they bought our government so that they can do whatever they want and not contribute to this country’s welfare. they scoff any and all regulation. they want their tax burdens eliminated. and they’re still the top 1%, and the income gap keeps getting wider. they haven’t taken a hit at all.

    and you and the “tea party” want to help them?!

    i mean, they wrecked the bus, not the government. but you’re telling us that only they can get us out of the ditch, and that government should leave them alone.

    again, bollocks.

    but regarding that last comment about individualism, that sounds pretty arrogant. i could accuse republicans of having just as much of a herd mentality as democrats. hell, the tea party proves that you have group-non-think on your side, as well.



    Yeah, it’s sooo sad that the poor Oakland Occupiers were provoked into taking such drastic action as closing down civilized society! Great excuse! Keep telling yourseves that!

    Redblack, your comment was priceless!

    “i think it’s funny that in one breath conservatives will talk about how the occupy movement is astro-turf, funded and backed by big-money socialists; then in the next they’ll talk about how disorganized and dirty and degenerate the protesters are.”

    Like those are 3 different things! The people who bankroll those organizations are in the business of appealing to dirty, degenerate protesters! That’s their core voting block!

    Let’s just hope none of those nice protesters end up getting robbed, mugged or raped by their fellow protesters! ‘Cuz that would NEVER happen, right!? Riiiiiggghhhhtttt. Oh, wait. It already did.




    Redblack has a pint..

    if they are so well funded.. where is the evidence?


    same question…

    and another.

    how do you differentiate between supporting a movement philosophically

    and ponying up the cash to fund permits and outhouses and media coverage?



    JoB, I’ll just paste part of an article from the AP yesterday:

    NEW YORK (AP) – With its noisy drum circle, meandering parades of bandanna-clad youth and disdain for centralized leadership, the Occupy Wall Street encampment sometimes has the ragtag look of a group that is making things up as it goes along and discovering its own purpose along the way.

    But from the start, the movement has also gotten support from a long list of experienced, well-funded organizations, unions and political committees—sometimes to the discomfort of more radical protesters who worry about their message being co-opted or watered down.

    After an initial hesitation to get involved, unions from Boston to Los Angeles have sent members to march in the demonstrations and donate air mattresses, food and other supplies. In Oakland, unions representing teachers and government workers are encouraging members to take a day off from work to march with protesters Wednesday.

    MoveOn.org, a group that has given millions to liberal Democrats, has promoted the demonstrations relentlessly on its Web site and in blast emails.”

    Google: “Occupy movement accepts modest help from the left” if you want to read the rest of the article.

    Question #2, you don’t need to differentiate. OWSers have both levels of support. Except, OWSers need not waste their money on such nuances as sanitation. Filth is just fine with them.



    Donations to OWS have actually started pouring in from everywhere, as individuals are eager to support the movement but can’t always make it to the demonstrations.

    Donations of food and warm clothing have been extremely helpful.




    “OWSers need not waste their money on such nuances as sanitation. Filth is just fine with them.”

    I am guessing that when someone supplies portable sanitation units for them..

    they will be more than glad to use them.

    they have no funds with which to purchase them..

    only the charity shown to them by others…

    which includes what you would call liberal organizations.

    and yes, teachers and policemen and airline pilots and members of the armed forces and firemen and longshoremen and software engineers and even a few bankers of the non-profit kind have marched with Occupy Wall Street

    because the message

    that it is time for Americans to take control of their government, their economy, their democracy

    resonates with them.

    Something happening here

    what it is is not exactly clear :)

    but something is happening here.

    Those who dismissed the idealists who elected Obama shouldn’t dismiss the idea that they have carried on with the message Obama campaigned with…

    yes.. we can.

    and maybe it’s high time we did:)



    Well said, JoB!

    And, as an exclamation point, I believe the new porta-potties at the Occupy Seattle camp were actually paid for by a teacher, out of her own pocket.



    I’m shocked that you never addressed my comments about the crimes and sexual assaults that have happened at the OWS camps.

    Couldn’t have happened! Not this sweet, ideallistic bunch of young citizens!

    Yes, they can…get out of their parents’ basements!




    sexual assaults and crimes?

    I am assuming that if they happened

    they are being handled by the same folks you and i would call if we were the victim of sexual crimes and assaults..

    the local police force.

    i am also assuming that if you looked up the actual crime stats in your neighborhood that you would be surprised to find that sexual crimes and assaults happen there too.

    there are always predatory people who will take advantage of any gathering of people to perpetrate sexual crimes and assault others…

    that’s why the sports venues pay such big bucks for additional security.




    let me guess..

    too young to have experienced the sixties as anything more than secondhand accounts…

    too old to live in your parent’s basement

    and perhaps not quite old enough yet

    to have kids or grandkids taking a break while they restructure their lives …

    or maybe you downsized so they couldn’t …

    I have to admit..

    i considered that.



    Again, the average age at all these demonstrations is probably 30-40 years old.

    The biggest criminal problem that Occupy Seattle has had to deal with so far is petty theft, but I guess there’s no real evidence that that was even incurred by other demonstrators. There’s a security detail that patrols the grounds to prevent this and other crimes and to mitigate any internal disagreements or confrontations with those who threaten the demonstrators.

    There was also a proposal to establish a dedicated area for women to camp out, with added security. I’m not sure if that passed but it’s an example of how Occupy Seattle is working pro-actively to protect the safety of everyone involved.



    This keeps getting better! A dedicated area for womyn? This will not fly, you chauvinist PIG!!

    Wait a second, I see what you are doing you clever dog! You’re trying to get the Seattle Storm crowd to come down and protest the OWSers! Nobody knows what the hell anybody else is protesting anyway, so it will be impossible to tell, and it will look like it’s a huge crowd from the King 5 helicopter!

    You’re a clever fella’ Yardvark!



    i so wish this was entertaining

    it would help me justify spending the better part of the morning at my keyboard…

    drive by assumptions

    are only superseded in inaccuracy

    by those formulated in front of a television :(

    my advice to all..

    get out and see some of the world outside your door

    you will be amazed at what you find there

    and with that i am going to follow my own advice



    Have a good day JoB, it’s been enlightening!



    don’t you just love petitions..

    Subject: Mayor McGinn: Hands Off Occupy Seattle Protesters


    Tell Seattle’s mayor that First Amendment rights cannot and must not be superseded by local or state law.

    So I signed a petition to Mayor Mike McGinn, Mayor of City of Seattle, which says:

    “We demand that you call off the police and that Occupy Seattle be allowed to exercise free speech and voice its opposition to corporate control by demonstrating in Westlake Park, which is in the city center where the targets of these protests–the multi-national corporations and banks–are located. We demand no restrictions on First Amendment rights to assemble, including attempts to seek protection from the weather, any time – day or night.”

    Will you sign this petition? Click here:





    JoB, I know that you are tired today, and I love you, but I just can’t resist….

    Quoth JoB:

    Redblack has a pint….

    How do you know Redblack’s current beer status? ;-)

    (BTW, thanks for the petition link. Signed and posted on y FB Wall.)




    yeah, jo. 6 am is early, even for me.

    JV: it’s so nice to have a member of the top 1% in the WSB forums.




    miws and redblack

    perhaps i should have said that redblack should have a pint.. on me?

    show up at Jan’s fundraiser and for the pleasure of this morning’s chuckle i will gladly treat you both to the beverage of your choice …


    i’ll even stand kootch to the beverage of his choice…

    OK.. one drink.. soda or beer or a one shot mixed cocktail…

    sorry about the limitations kootch

    but you are much too handy with those loopholes ;->

    you know Jan’s daughter decreed that event a politics free zone.. don’t you?

    I don’t know what the penalties are but she is fierce so I am going to do my best not to let a single political comment slip.

    I may have to remain silent :(




    i am posting this for you

    this is the face of Occupy Wall Street that you can’t seem to see and acknowledge.

    She is in her 60s

    she has raised a family and now has grandchildren

    she founded and ran two successful businesses employing several professionals

    she founded and managed a successful charter school for teens with learning disabilities and is still on the board

    She has a successful on-line business.

    She has also been “disabled” with chronic fatigue syndrome for the last decade.

    She is my best friend

    she told me she would speak for me

    what can i say

    she speaks for us all

    i forgot to say the most important thing

    I am proud to call jeanene my friend.

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