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    Do the people there accept donations of food, clothing, bedding, etc? I have some stuff like that that I often take other places but if they accept such I’d like to give it to them. Anybody know?



    good question. I’d like to know as well.



    Does Nickelsville accept donations? ABSOLUTELY! Just stop by, climb over the grassy knoll and stop at the first tent on the right, which is the security tent.


    Their camp is very well organized. They will get one of their people to write up a description of the items / cash being donated, and ask for your name. In the case of cash, they will give you a receipt.


    They welcome visitors and will probably be willing to give you a tour if you are interested.


    I know several other WSB readers who have stopped by with donations and have an interest in helping this community out. The residents are friendly, and very appreciative of all contributions.


    I brought down an old weed whacker that I had not used in years. This was an item on their wish list. Don’t forget to ask about their wish list.


    Take a moment and stop and introduce yourself to our new neighbors. By the looks of things, they may be our neighbors for quite some time.


    They run a real tight ship, and from what I have seen on several visits, they are very responsible and courteous neighbors. Great people who just have happened to have fallen on hard times.




    I spent part of my evening at Nicklesville today.

    this is their current wish list according to the information they handed out tonight..

    “Water” …

    they are currently depending upon water jugs for a water source…

    I was told they could use more of the 5 gal containers that are used in water coolers to store water..

    they are also grateful for donations of bottled water


    “A Dumpster”

    currently trash is being removed by volunteers.. a bag or more at a time

    “Transportation for supplies”

    everything, food, water, firewood, building supplies..etc.. has to be hauled in and hauled out

    they don’t currently have someone willing to transport them to refill water jugs on a regular schedule…

    if you have time and transportation.. they will provide the manpower.

    “Pallets, Plywood, Screws, Nails, Hammers”

    they currently use plywood and pallets to get tents off the ground and to keep people out of the mud… and plan to use them to build small simple living structures that will stand up to our wetter colder seasons.


    “Bus tickets”

    “Kitchen essentials.. (paper bowls, plates, cups, etc)”

    “bedding (not to include standard mattresses)”

    think car camping supplies…

    “Toiletries, feminine hygiene products”

    “Batteries, Flashlights”

    “BBQ essentials”

    (this is how they cook)

    “office supplies to keep good book keeping”

    “Encouragement from the community

    and positive support

    Come see us and take a tour at our new location. When you drop by sign the guest book.

    Or leave a message with our staff that you want to stay in touch.

    His contact info is 206-450-9136

    They are very happy for any help you can give them..

    even if all you do is stop by to lend encouragement.

    this morning i did a water run for them..

    it couldn’t have been easier… all i supplied was a vehicle..

    they supplied the manpower

    if you are unsure whether they could use what you have to donate.. give them a call.

    They will tell you whether what you have will be useful to them.

    As kevin discovered.. the old weed whacker that lived in his basement was put to immediate use.

    the one thing they really need that is not on their wish list is money.

    while the city has decided not to evict them… they aren’t providing any services…

    Nicklesville still has to pay for porta-potties, the sanitation station and garbage removal…

    and they would like to be able to hook up to city water and other utilities.

    they need money to fund on-going sanitation and to build the eco-village they dream of creating.

    And they put every dollar to very good use.

    they are a charitable organization

    and will gladly give you a receipt for all donations



    Crosslinked this to the home-page story. Thanks for all the details. There is also a PayPal donation link on the right side of their home page at:



    two years ago when they were at T107 I was catching a lot of pink salmon. I brought my day’s catch (4 fish) by the camp and asked if they would like to cook them up. It was late in the evening but somebody rousted up and excitedly took them and told me they would love to cook them up for folks.

    turned out they ended up being thrown out because they didn’t have any ice to keep them cold until cooking.

    I ended up giving them another catch but I delivered it with ice that time. I don’t know what happened with those.

    So know that it’s not always as easy as one would think. Facilities are limited and organization might have issues at any given moment. Something that seems simple to you and me, like going to get a $1.25 bag of ice to preserve $50 of fresh fish may for one reason or another elude the camp. When I donate again in the future I will try and think things all the way through so it works out well for everyone.




    you bring up a good point.

    without city services like electricity.. things like refrigeration can become a logistical nightmare. they do their best with very limited resources.

    if you are delivering something perishable.. you need to deliver it prior to mealtime and in some kind of cooler type container on ice.

    Things we take for granted.. like turning on the tap for water or the heat or putting something in the fridge so it can be eaten later are nearly impossible right now.

    the camp has plans to change that…

    but without the city’s cooperation that will be very difficult.

    in the meantime.. they can use any help we can give them with the basics.



    My wife and I went to visit yesterday with a truckload of clothes, shoes, etc from our church’s yard sale and ended up going back with more things we realized we had at home that they could use. They are very well organized, friendly and are truly a community. We got a tour of their encampment and they shared their future vision of what they hope to have. I encourage everyone to stop by for a visit and bring whatever donations you can, as anything is appreciated by this group.Toilet paper was a big hit.



    It’s going to be a hot day.

    they will need water.



    If you want to know how you can help or want more information about Nickelsville,

    you can contact them through their webpage at www.

    or contact their representative at 206-450-9136




    I think that the W.S.B. should be some sort of voice for these folks. People who want to donate basics but don’t know they have a website yet, can be linked up from here and it can be a starting point. Just a little extra work for the blog crew that can go a long ways.



    What about a West Seattle collection day? We have a truck and I’d happily sit in front of my house for supplies to be aggregated here and delivered out there.



    Emmy Jane

    you can reach me at joanne <at> brayden <dot> com



    Are there any kids in Nickelsville or is it adults only?



    nighthawk, I have seen no children in the several visits I have made. As far as I know, families ARE welcomed.


    Speaking of “children” there are a number of residents with pets. I’m sure they would appreciate contributions of dog and cat food.




    Hey everyone!

    As far as dog food, there’s plenty right now.

    Someone apparently made a huge donation the other day.

    A WSB’er visited myself and the camp yesterday, and generously offered up some dog food and treats as part of their donation.

    I was all excited to accept, but the Donation

    Co-ordinator mentioned the previous donation, and of course there is a concern of having too much food that could lead to spoilage, so we had to politely decline at this time.

    If anyone has any dog food that they need to find a place for before we need it again, I’d suggest contacting the West Seattle Food Bank (or White Center). I know from my visits to WSFB that they offer pet food to pet owners on an as available basis. They often seemed to be out, so I suppose any pet food donation would be appreciated.

    One not major thing I noticed this morning, is that we could use a pair of fireplace tongs for the fire pit.

    The Fire Master was using a couple of boards as “tongs” which is rather awkward. So, if anyone has an extra laying around…

    Thanks for all of your help!

    All of the donations so far have been greatly appreciated, and it seems every where I turn, I’m hearing “West Seattle Blog” mentiioned, whether it’s in regards to the stories that have appeared on the news side so far, or all of the donations.




    I am looking for metal pie tins.

    I have a lovely pie tin china service for 48 sitting on my kitchen counter washed and ready to take to the camp but they are going to need more than that.

    I cleaned out the local goodwill yesterday.. so if anyone has a metal pie tin or two or three lurking in the back of the cupboards.. it doesn’t even have to be scorched and dented.. you can either let me know or drop it by the camp yourself.

    they are also looking for metal forks, spoons, knives and bowls…

    oh and they need cups… something i can’t find.

    I know it’s too much to hope for metal camp cups.. but where have all the mismatched melmac (melmanine) cups gone when you need them?



    I don’t have any at home, I’ll be out and about today, scoop up any I come across. :)



    Thanks Franci… Celeste emailed me the same message. I think pie bakers are going to find a shortage of pie tins at Goodwill for a while :)



    Hey all!

    Please check out this post in case you missed it!





    I dropped off plates, bowls, cups, forks, spoons and dinner knives at Nickelsville today.. but even though i managed to come up with stuff for 100 people, that’s a fraction of their need.

    They need sturdy stuff.. so metal is the best option.. with pie plates working out really well for a plate/shallow bowl combination… and metal cutlery.

    they get really excited by things like napkins.

    it’s really easy to donate.. just drop by the camp and tell someone you have a donation.

    If it’s something you would take camping.. it’s something they need and want.



    I will be going to the charity stores sometime this week and will find what I can. I plan on going north or down south (southcenter).



    it’s the end of the month

    and the end of the month affects the Nickelsville the same way it hits the rest of us..

    money.. especially for food.. gets pretty tight.

    they are always grateful for food donations..

    but they are in particular need right now.

    they are still in the process of putting their kitchen together for communal meals

    so right now canned food donations in smaller sizes are preferable to bulk canned goods…

    although they are making beans for a camp dinner tonight..

    with everyone busy trying to put the camp together..

    most meals are somewhat individual right now… thus the need for smaller sized containers.

    without refrigeration…

    opening bulk sized containers can lead to food waste…

    and one of their kitchen coordinators is an old Sargent who gets very upset over waste.

    Anything you can drop off that will survive without refrigeration is appreciated.



    Met Mike (miws) this morning for the first time. The place was bustling with activity. Dropped off some loaves of bread I had purchased at the Franz Bakery on 6th. I asked if they donate bread and such to places such as tent city and they said if they get a letter of authorization from them they would do so. It’s to keep people from misrepresenting themselves to get free food. I told tent city of this and they will look into it. Mike said that the Admiral Safeway used to donate a lot but since it’s closed for rebuilding it’s no longer a source. We’re going shopping at the Jefferson Square Safeway shortly so we’ll ask them what their policies are.



    this is how a community makes a difference

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