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    Hey everyone!

    Nickelsville needs some more kitchen donations, including:

    1) Paper plates, bowls.

    2)Plastic forks, knives, spoons.

    3)Plastic/paper cups

    4)Various small canned goods (please note; we have a ton of canned green beans, and IIRC, a fair amount of canned corn. So, veggie wise maybe lean more toward canned peas and canned carrots, etc.

    And, of course canned fruit.

    5)Salt & pepper shakers, various other spices (think the dollar-ish priced spices at Bartell, the Dollar Store, etc.

    6)Various meats, for hot & cold sandwiches. (Please remember our limited refrigeration capabilities).

    7)Sliced breads, pastries, etc.

    8) Fresh fruits & veggies/produce.

    9)Long tables, folding tables, (wood or plastic.)

    10)Coolers; medium and large, block ice(?)

    11)Toilet paper, paper towels , napkins.

    12)Large trash bags.

    13)Dish soap, hand sanitizer.

    14)Funds for Honeybuckets, dumpster, etc.

    15)BBQ charcoal, refill/exchange of empty propane bottles.

    I think that’s it for now.

    Thanks agian to all who have helped, and will be able to help in the future!



    I Wonder

    We usually go to Franz’s Bakery Outlet on 6th for breads. Day old is about $1 a loaf. Plus, they give a bonus loaf for every $8 spent. How much can be dropped off at a time?



    Hey Everyone – this week’s Safeway mailer included a coupon for Oscar Meyer hot dogs for .99 and buns for .78 There is a limit of 5 (though I really think they would stretch it) so for less than $10 you could bring down 40 hot dogs! I’m taking my teenagers down this weekend to deliver a few things that they purchased with their own spending money so that they continue the lessons on volunteering and service.

    PS Now, before you get on me, I know as well as anyone that hot dogs have very little (none) nutritional value – but people do eat them and they are easy to cook outdoors & fast, and for those who want to contribute it seems like a cheap way to add to a lot of people’s meal. There’s also a coupon for charcoal and lots of sales on camping like items for the holiday weekend. Sometimes I just toss my ads and this one was worth mentioning on here I thought. Have a great Memorial Day!



    DBurns – we have the same plan! I looked at the Safeway ad and picked out a few things. My teenage son and I are shopping and bringing the donations down tomorrow. I love our West Seattle community! :)



    Congrats for teaching your kids about service and giving.



    Thanks everyone!

    I Wonder, I haven’t gotten a feel for how quickly the camp goes through food, but I’d say in general terms, any amount that can be used by 100-ish people before the food has a chance to spoil.





    Does the camp have first aid supplies? Simple stuff like band aids, ace bandages, hydrogen peroxide, Betadine, calamine lotion?



    actually, OM wieners aren’t that bad healthwise compared to some other brands. I’m guessing that the folks at Nickelsville will be very happy to get them. And I second Zenguy’s comments on the value of the lessons your kids are learning. Kudos to you and them.

    Oh I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener …



    I dropped off some bread, peanut butter, jam, strawberries, paper plates, forks, spoons napkins, charcol and one of the ladies that helped me saw my books so I gave my books that I have been meaning to take to the used book store forever. I am hoping to go to grocery outlet tomorrow and get some canned goods.



    Mike- I don’t know you or anyone at Nickelsville but I am so glad that you have shared your story. Thank you. I am going to look thru the basement this weekend to see if there is anything that I can donate. I know that I have women’s clothing that I would love for someone to use. They would be more “office” clothes , but if there are women who are looking for work maybe they could be of help for interviews. Please let me know and I will be happy to bring them down with some other donations. I am looking forward to my visit and tour and telling people about the great community I am sure I will find there. I am also in a trade that I think may be helpful to those who are actively looking for work. I would love to donate services.


    Again thank you for bringing this to our attention And to our world. I am very proud to read all of the outpouring of help and encouragement that our West Seattle neighbors have shown. I hope that we can be the example to other neighborhoods in Seattle.



    KatherineL, we do have first aid supplies, and I’m not sure how much we have on hand, but in my opinion, from various jobs I’ve had, it’s something that a group of people can never have too much of. It’s mot too fun having a cut finger, and finding out the kit os out of band-aids.

    Celeste, so you were there and I missed you?!? Dagnabbit! Hopefully I’ll see you next time.

    BigRed, thanks for the kind words and generous offers. I’m not sure what the Donation Co-ordinators are in particular need of, or what there may already be an abundance of. I like the idea of the professional clothing donation. My best advice for now would be, if it’s not too much trouble gathering together the clothing, is to bring it on down, and if for some reason there is on item that we have a huge supply of, perhaps you could donate the excess to the West Seattle Food Bank, or some other worthy organization.




    Nickelsville needs water.

    it is currently being supplied by volunteers refilling 5 gallon jug containers.

    When you make a water run and fill 5 – 10 of those containers it seems like a lot of water until you realize that 100-150 people are depending upon that water every day to cook, clean and drink.

    They could also use more containers so water shortages don’t become critical in between refills.

    if you really want to be helpful…

    show up with a 5 gallon or so container or two or three filled with water.

    You don’t think about how necessary the little things are … like water..

    until they aren’t there.



    I brought water, tp. paper towels, spices, canned tomatoes, canned peaches, onions and soap today. They immediately used the TP. When I get my car cleaned out I want to go back and do a water run. I figure I can do a water run with them at least twice a week. I saw Mike today when I dropped everything off and got his phone number so hopefully I can coordinate the water runs.



    Regarding water needs: I have a pick-up and took 50 gallons (new containers) to the community today. I then also took all they had empty and topped them off entirely. The current haul capacity appears to be about 125-140 gallons. Several hours later (after they were earlier topped off) we returned with a Costco run and there were no further empties for me to return to them full in the morning. They are fine for water and I am making arrangements to put them on a regular daily schedule for water delivery. I live fairly close and it easy for me to gather empties, fill, and return full once a day. I am committed to doing this but may at times need an alternate. They are being very frugal with the water they do get, and the current camp haul capacity appears to be adequate for their needs. Stay tuned, I will further post about our visits on Monday.




    You (all) are so caring. The water hauling: incredible!



    Hope this isn’t a dumb question but does hose water work or do they need water from the grocery store type machines?



    Dburns.. they are tickled with hose water.

    Jamjets.. Ben.. i can’t tell you how happy I was to see you and your wife (?) at the camp today and to hear that you are planning on doing a regular water run.

    you will be taking this task over from a couple of different little old ladies who are most grateful.

    this one is more than happy to be an alternate..

    if you email me at joanne attt brayden dottt com I will gladly provide you with phone contact info.



    Now that they have enough water..

    anyone have camping showers hiding in storage that they thought were a great idea but don’t get used?

    those black solar pouches could be put to great use heating dish water.

    now that they will have water, the ability to wash dishes is their next big hurdle

    and how about a beat up old metal garbage can to keep cooking charcoal in?

    if we are to dream for them…

    we might as well dream big :)



    all I can say is, y’all are amazing. Here’s a little thank you … one of my favorite songs accompanied by an outstanding photo montage:

    It’s In Every One of Us, words and music by David Pomeranz. Performed by David Pomeranz, photos by Werner Krutein. 1987—xXc4




    I would not have been likely to discover the need at Nickelsville if it hadn’t been for Mike…

    it just worked out that my exposure and their need coincided.

    i believe i have only done what anyone else would do if they were made aware.

    so yes,

    i do believe it is in every one of us



    The hose water should be fine. I will be diligent to ensure good turnover and the hose is high quality so there shouldnt be nasty hose taste. I will also try to keep the jugs well flushed. Hauling that much lends itself strictly to filling in the pickup bed.. no vending machine.

    Our visit to the community was great, and they are openly grateful for the help. They have a zero-tolerance policy, 24/7 security, and when we arrived today they had crews cleaning the street 100 yards either side of their parking lot entrance even though that is way beyond their area of responsibility. For those that are wondering there is a parking lot at their entrance berm; even though you cant see the camp from the road it is right there over the berm. When you walk across the berm simply tell them you have donations and they will gather to help you unload.

    We took a Costco haul of paper towels, TP, fixings for a chili meal and a pasta meal, cups, toiletries, and individual fruit cups. The list provided ealier in this thread seems to pretty much confirm what they told us. On item of note: folks have mentioned doing a potluck and the parking lot setup seems to be good for that.

    One thing to consider is that the coordination effort at this location is different than if they were at a church where a congregation handled that. I guess we can have our own congregation. I believe the camp internet access is via the public library.

    I will assume reponsibility for coordinating the daily water delivery.

    They do need food and remember they do not yet have refrigeration if you donate. Maybe soon they will be able to adequately manage a cooler with a few daily blocks of ice to meet their needs, but they will need to decide that for themselves.



    maybe one way to address both water and ice is to collect 1 gal jugs. Anyone who has a chest freezer can freeze jugs (not completely full and with top off) and they can be delivered by a volunteer. Once they have melted, the water can be used (freshly frozen water should taste fine, but it can be reserved for non-drinking purposes.) Milk jugs, 2 liter pop bottles, etc., would work and so would well-rinsed bleach jugs, which would probably stand up better to repeated freezing (since bleach is water-soluble, there is no residue.) Any containers used for drinking water should be rinsed perodically with a dilute bleach solution to kill any bugs. Just a thought.



    I think that is a great idea if someone wanted to get them started on a daily “ice” delivery. A very large cooler, if well managed, can easily be maintained with 3 or 4 one gallon size ice blocks (frozen water gallons) or less a day. (By well-managed I mean without frequent openings and kept shaded)…



    the one thing i don’t have is freezer space..

    but i think combining water and food storage needs is a great idea.

    if someone wanted to donate freezer space i would be happy to become one of the delivery persons.

    and i like the idea of a parking lot pot luck. it solves a major problem for people who would like to visit the camp and get to know people but can’t negotiate the berm between the lot and the camp.



    Thanks again to everyone!

    jamjets, sounds like you came by as I was on clean up duty near the parking lot.

    Celeste, great seeing you again!

    JoB, always great seeing you! ;-)


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