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    Has anyone noticed the new cell tower that went up today on top of this condo, just to the South of the 7-Elevin on the West side of California? What an eyesore, right in the middle of the view of the Olympics. Curious whether this is legal to anyone’s knowledge. It went up on top of the elevator stack, which I believe is at maximum height capacity already, adding at least another 8 feet or so to the total height of the building.


    DK in Shanks

    You misspelled Whinesalot. And Eleven. That work was permitted by the City of Seattle on 3/5/2020, permit #6775119-CN. I am guessing the project met all the legal requirements. Cell tower arrays have been allowed on that rooftop since 2015.



    Given the entities involved in these projects I feel confident saying it’s all legal. There is no requirement that systems and buildings be attractive to the eye.



    If you know the building’s address, you can look up the permit via Seattle Services Portal.



    Thanks for the info! I’ll work on my spelling.



    I was just surprised that cell towers wouldn’t be subjected to height limits.



    The permit that was quoted above does not represent the work that was done. I can also see the work and the photo simulation given in the permit application shows work entirely different from what was built. The photo simulation showed a cellular antenna placed on the side of the building, while the new construction is a new microwave repeater structure built on the roof.

    The permit is here. I’ve uploaded photos of both the photo sim in the permit and the structure that was actually built so you can compare them yourselves, check out the comparison here.

    Unless there is indeed another permit that I couldn’t find, this might be unpermitted work.

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