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    I was glad to hear this.


    HMC Rich

    This is great news. Right now, Animal Control will ask you to talk to the person first before they will come out.



    and what will happen when over-enthusiastic citizens repeatedly call Animal Control and Animal Control comes out to confront an owner whose animal is not in distress?

    i have a thermometer in plain view in the back end of my car so any “concerned” citizen can check on my animal’s “safety” while i run into the convenience store to pick up a bottle of water for them

    and have still been confronted by angry citizens who were sure i was abusing my dogs…

    if they had only bothered to check….


    HMC Rich

    Yes, people are unpredictable.



    Does anyone know how they are going to define a “dangerous enclosed space” for the dog?



    and therein lies the rub…

    don’t get me wrong.

    i believe there needs to be better protection for animals in distress…

    but … harassing good owners because you believe their animals “should” be in distress without ever bothering to investigate or speak with those owners isn’t the answer…



    JoB, I hesitated to comment earlier, but I agree with you. This happened to me very recently. A friend stopped by and left her 2 dogs in the car while we went into the yard to chat for a moment. It had been less than 5 minutes when we heard someone outside. The dogs started barking, so we went out to check on them. We had been right on the other side of the fence. A young woman (less than 20) was standing by the car and began to lecture us about leaving dogs in the car. She said that she had been about to call the police.

    The temp that January day was 40-something, the car was in the shade, and the owner was 10 ft. away. My friend is a dog trainer and I am a former trained PETA activist and lifetime animal advocate. The idea that either of us would ever endanger the life, safety, or even comfort of an animal is entirely ludicrous. The lecture and accusation were both inappropriate and inaccurate. This girl had no idea in bloody hell what she was talking about – but she could have caused some serious trouble over a non-situation.

    I hope that the new law works to help animals in actual distress, but I do fear that it will unleash a lot of grief onto conscientious dog owners by do-gooder dumbasses.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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