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    I have an elderly dog(14+) that I’ve adopted recently.. haven’t had a vet relationship for quite a number of years. I have a feeling this is the end for the dog and I’d like to find someone who is compassionate yet practical. At the geriatric age plus deaf and severe arthritis I don’t want someone to try to talk me into extreme testing, surgical or medical procedures when the reality is if it’s not this week it will next week or next month for this darling guy…he deserves to go with dignity.




    I’m a dog breeder. My vet used to be in West Seattle, but he is so good that I followed him to his new clinic in South Lake Union. It’s really easy to get to if you use the viaduct — from Admiral to his office takes 10-15 minutes (as long as it’s not rush hour.)

    His name is Dr. Cary Waterhouse. His clinic is Lake Union Veterinary Clinic –

    I seem to recall he has a special interest in older/geriatric pets. He has always been very reasonable in terms of not over-doing things with my dogs. He’ll talk you through your options and let you make an informed decision. He is never pushy, just always very patient and caring.



    Lien Animal Clinic has always been compassionate and has never pushed additional tests etc. on me or my pets. They are great so I’d give them a call.



    I second Lien – they have always been really great in discussing options and not pushing anything you don’t want.



    I third Lien. A few years ago I had to have my older geriatric dog with health issues put down. After seeing countless vets who tried treating her, I wanted someone to be honest and humane. We saw Dr. Elizabeth Fritzler who was wonderful and very compassionate. She said sure, she could treat her, and she’d support us with whatever decision we made, but what was most humane for her was to let her go peacefully. It was one of the hardest decisions of my life, but Dr. Fritzler and the staff at Lien made it easier. Best wishes.



    We had a cat that was nearing the end and we took him to Lien, thinking it was time.


    No time is ever the right time, but Lien sent us all home, saying that we should be able to enjoy another few weeks or perhaps even a month or more.


    We had a lot of additional quality time before the old cat told us in his own way that he was ready. Lien had told he would, and he did.




    Most of the geriatric dogs I treat go to Lien for their western care. They are great at suggesting things that make them comfortable and not prolonging life when it is clearly not in the animal’s best interest. Just let them know the place you are at so they know you don’t want a whole bunch of tests. Highly, highly recommend them!



    My too recent experience with Pet Care Center, 2950 S.W. Avalon, was excellent, despite the circumstances. Dr. Dean and her staff were very comforting and compassionate.



    Elliott Bay Animal Hospital showed great compassion when we had to make the hard decision to say goodbye to our beloved Molly she was 15 1/2 yrs old and our first baby. The doctors at EBAH sent us a berevement card, placed Molly in a beautiful ceramic urn and made a $5,00 donation in her name at WSU for research on hip dysplasia (spelling).



    If you’re looking for an “old school” vet, check with Animal Clinic of Roxbury on 30th and Rox. Dr Guzman is fantastic, and his staff is kind, compassionate, and truly LOVES animals. Their prices are low, and because they’re a small, family-run operation they are always willing and able to be flexible and do what’s right for the animal.

    Additionally, like I said, they’re “old school.” The doctor will show you his vet books and use them to illustrate what he’s telling you. He takes the time needed to be sure each patient truly gets the best care.



    The Jefferson Square West Seattle veterinary group is practical, compassionate, and has my vote of confidence after I’ve taken 3 pets there for different problems. Pets were seen that day or the next, were thoroughly examined by the vets, who each counseled me against unnecessary tests and kept costs reasonable. Each of the vets answered any questions about the pet’s condition and helped me understand what to expect in the future. Bless you, for adopting an older dog who needed you. Best…



    ws4ever, if you mean West Seattle Animal Hospital, I agree with you. They are great! We’ve been going there for years and really like the doctors and staff there.



    First…thank you for opening your heart and home to a 14+ year old dog. Wow…you made my heart and soul sing. What a lucky guy to know such unconditional love during his retirement.

    As Lena stated, Lien Animal Clinic is excellent with geriatric animals. They suggest practical, reasonable treatments to make your companion more comfortable and if in the best interest of the animal, they will suggest humane end of life (as long as you are clear with your boundaries)

    On three different occassions, we thought Ole’ Oliver,(cat), probably wouldn’t bounce back, but with the practical treatments, he bounced back each time. The fourth time, Oliver let us know it was time. We hung out in the accupuncture room; staff came in to see him–he greeted everyone; and when it was time, just his doctor and I were with him. It was a painless, peaceful, loving passing. Oliver was rescued at about 14ish years old; had just about every old age disease…and lived for another 5 1/2 years…thanks to Lien’s compassionate, practical care.



    Count me as another vote for Lien. While our animals usually see Dr. Kraabel, all of the vets we’ve interacted with there are very compassionate and will help you make the right decision without pushing anything.



    Thank you all…looks like it’s Lien overwhelmingly…




    Is it Jasper?



    We too had a very recent (last saturday)experience with the Pet Care Center on Avalon. They were amazing through a very sad and painful loss (and they cried with us) of our 13 year old dog — honest, but compassionate. We received the sweetest card days after, with a paw print of our dog Daisy. When and if we get a new dog (there’s no replacing a member of your family), they will once again be our vet of choice.



    Lien and Elliott Bay Animal Hospital are tops on our list (we’ve used both in the past 25 years of dogs). If you find yourself in need of emergency or critical care (and hopefully you won’t) ACCES in Lake City is wonderful – they were great with our critically ill 6 yr old lab and gave us an extra few months with her that were precious indeed.

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