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    Does anyone know of a good person to get me going on getting my body in balance with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy ???? I want my life back to normal !!! Hot Flashes are the least of my worries.

    I’m hoping there is someone in West Seattle I can go to.


    WS Person

    I see a naturapath – Dr. Oldfield at West Seattle Natural Medicine. She is great listener, very, very personable. I am sure all the docs at WSNM are great too.



    I agree w/Wolfie, Dr. Oldfield and her team are great!! 206-938-1393.



    I know some people will flame this—- AND from personal and professional experience, Zoloft and it’s generics work wonders on Menopause. Any doctor can prescribe.



    Zoloft is an anti-depressant…I have never heard it also helping hot flashes.

    Read up on HRT. I had taken (not Bio-identical) HRT for a couple of years..’94-’96. In early ’96 I came down with pancreatitis…and it was explained to me that my particular case was caused by HRT, which raised my triglycerides to such an unhealthy level that I became seriously ill. It happened overnight…ambulance to the ER, 5 weeks at Harborview, part of the time in a coma on a ventilator w/ respiratory failure. My kidneys were affected, and after 5 more weeks in a rehab place, emergency surgery on my pancreas to remove an abscess and a cyst. I finally went home 4 weeks after that. 4 months total someplace other than my home.. My triglycerides? they were over 10,000 – one for the record books. The packaging of HRT now warns that this can happen. So women out there, really investigate what you can take….those side effects can be brutal.



    I love Dr Oldfield she rocks, helped me with hot flash’s. LOL my whole family is thankful!



    No “flaming” but a caution: Zoloft is not for everyone. It is a rather intense psycho-pharmaceutical that takes time to build up in the body and can cause some problems if dropped abruptly. As with any drug, discuss thoroughly with a trusted physician first. At least read up on the potential Side Effects – there are many. Zoloft is great for some (yes, even for Hot Flashes), but for others it may actually exacerbate the symptoms!

    Speaking from experience, one of the most immediate methods of relief is a good, reliable, cloth fabric fan. Cost Plus (World Market) has a wide variety of inexpensive and lovely fans. If you are just beginning the Heat Year/s, you might feel a trifle self-conscious at first, but that will pass!

    Best of luck on Tackling the Hormonal Tiger!



    Tibolone ‘Livial’

    Great stuff. Available all over the world in a 100+ countries including all of the EU — but not in America. Nope.

    But not hard to get if you know how. ;-)



    and for those night sweats? Try a “chillow”



    People with severe hot flashes are often experiencing many other things: tears, tingling body, feeling “crazy” and much more. 20 years ago I read that zoloft worked well for pms. I said, hmmmmmmmmmmm maybe it will help older women with other hormonal changes. Indeed is did/does and the medical research supports that. It is true that many medications have a long list of “side effects”– a very few of which are significant or actually happen. Most of the lists are there as a “cya” in case a pharma is sued. Of course follow a doctors instructions and don’t stop suddenly. Most people I know have noticed improvement in less than a week.



    I’m dealing with all this by calling all the women ancestors to mind and going “natural” like they had to. Yes, they are laughing and saying, “Told ya!”

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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