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    After 104.5 degree fever and blue fingers we went to the ER. Diagnosis, asthma attack on top of the flu. Nebulizer treatment worked wonders at the hospital. Doctor prescibed me one but wouldn’t let me take the one they had home. The initial treatment wore off and now Im crackling in my lungs again. Does anyone local have a nebulizer they no longer need? My husband will pick it up, could even give you some money for it if need be.

    Mary McNeight, CPDT-KA, CCS, BGS

    Director of Training and Behavior

    Service Dog Academy –



    Mary-so sorry this is happening…. unfort. I don’t have one to sell. I had to buy one for my daughter and it was I think around $99.00 at a medical supply place out near SeaTac I believe (sorry I can’t remember the details). It was less expensive than I thought it would be. Good Luck.


    They told me they were $400 at the hospital.




    Well of course they told you $400.00 — hospitals LOVE to sell Medical Equipment. I’ll see if I can find the info. where I got mine and re-post.

    Hopefully they let you keep the mask you used for your treatment? My daughter had to do a trmt with her N.D. and then they let us keep the mask (because we paid for it anyway for use of their trmt.!)



    Does she still need this? If yes, can someone give her a buzz and let her know: Walgreens in Renton has one for $74.

    Does require a prescription.


    RENTON, WA 98057




    I have one you can have, sent you an email if you still need it.



    Does anybody know anyplace that sells filters for Nebulizers? I use a Phillips Respironics InspirationElite and can’t find anybody local who sells filters — including the place I bought it from (Key Compounding Pharmacy in Federal Way.)


    Thanks to Oliver I now have a nebulizer!!!!!!! Thank you everyone for the offers of help. Im never going back to the old albuterol in a spray can technique! My fever has reduced to 101 so Im hoping Im on the way out of the insanity of this flu. And yes, as a responsible asthmatic I did get the pneumonia and flu vaccines but apparently it didnt cover this strain. :(

    Trying to find an local and open on weekends medical supply store was almost impossible. Again, thank you everyone for your help in locating one of these devices.





    Try calling the company directly. You might be able to buy direct or they should be able give you a list of distributors that carry replacement parts in this area.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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