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    I love my neighborhood. But in the past two years with all the building. I have pulled out and replaced so many tires do to nails. I’m mad. Aren’t construction sites suppose to clean up????????? Give you a brake…..I’ll give you a broom.



    I know the feeling, our old place had the same problem. Construction people don’t care and I never found anyone who did…took me taking walks at night picking up the nails to remedy this. On the other hand, if your tires are factory originals, you can bring the tire to any Les Schwab and they’ll fix them for free. If you buy replacements there, then they’ll do them still but only then. Costco is the same way. Might not be able to beat the problem but can avoid paying out of your own pocket.



    I also know the feeling. Last week I looked at one tire and thought “Oh, better get the pressure checked, looks like it may be a little low” and drove off to work in Ellensburg for the day without checking it. When I came out after I was done working it was to a flat tire. I got it changed, went to Les Schwab, and was thrilled to get the screw removed and tire fixed for free. I was also extremely relieved that it hadn’t gone flat while driving across the Pass at 6 am or even on the way home at 5 pm. That will teach me to check my tires daily, especially given all the construction in the area.



    I had a tire that has a bubble on the side wall and I went to Discount Tires in Burien and they replaced the tire and gave me a really good trade in credit for the old tire. They also sold me 4 coupons for 20.00 each that enables me to replace any tire for free (I think) at any time. They also gave me free tire rotation for life and I have taken advantage of the tire rotation several times. I would reccommened them for tire problems.



    celeste17 – I have been a loyal Discount Tire customer since I was 16! They are the best there is!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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