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    I’d like to know opinions about middle schools in west seattle, specfically, which have great programs for struggling students and students on IEPs? Public or private schools; I’d like to know about all. Thanks!



    Both my boys went to Madison and both had IEP’s. It was an epic failure. Both were pulled for their own safety at the end of their 8th grade year as the bully situation was completely out of control.
    In the case of my eldest a student drew a flip book showing him getting shot in the head. The first 3 teachers he showed it to told him to just throw it away and move on. wtf!
    He finally did throw it away which meant the VP and I got to sift through garbage until finding a few pieces of it. My son knew who drew it, as the kid had been making threats for several years but the school chose not to discipline him in any form so I pulled my son in his last couple of weeks for his own safety.
    As far as the IEP and accommodations go that was a total joke. On numerous occasions I asked the school counselor to hold a meeting with all his teachers so we could discuss his academic challenges and IEP. Only one time was a meeting held and 2 teachers showed up, during the meeting several teachers passed in the hall and informed me they were never told a meeting was being held. I have in writing from a teacher that she never knew my son had an IEP until I gave her a copy of it. Another teacher told me he would not follow an IEP even if one was presented to him. My son has dysgraphia he needed accommodations.
    My younger son also went to Madison and did not fair any better. Same response to him having an IEP. Some teachers on board others not so much. He was also bullied. He actually caught his bully on film chasing him with a large bat sized stick, more like a tree branch and threatening him and the school did nothing. Oh, we already had their completely useless no contact order in place. It took my son expressing suicidal thoughts for them to even give me 5 mins with the principle. I was stuck dealing with that same school counselor as my eldest up to that point. The principles answer was for me to keep my child home, pick up his school work once a week, teach him myself and return the work. We did this the last 2.5 months of 8th grade.
    We did not have the means for private school and we told a transfer would be impossible given were we lived, wait lists, school policy ect.

    We did not have the means for private school.



    I’m sorry you had such a bad experience Mom2boys. I remember reading your posts a few years ago and had wondered what had happened.

    I have two kids who are/were at Denny. My son is now at Sealth and daughter at Denny. My son had an IEP and needed special education. We had a good experience and I think that is mostly because we were lucky enough to have a case manager to help us through the process. Well, not sure if she was a case manager or a teacher but basically a special ed teacher who followed him along the way. We had a wonderful experience and no problems with the IEP. (but I also must say that whenever an issue would come up I was not quiet about it) My son is now at Sealth and we have another wonderful case manager (but again, I threw some fits to get what I wanted and it wasn’t easy) My son was never bullied at Denny but my daughter has had a few incidents with other girls there. Overall we are pretty happy.

    Good luck making your decisions! I know there are some good options out there. STEM, Pathfinder, a few of the private schools, Holy Rosary, Hope, Westside, Explorer West. I don’t know how private schools deal with IEPs though.



    Thank you for the information. Anyone else have any insight to west seattle middle schools?



    My son had an IEP and attended Madison and had mostly a wonderful, seamless experience. In fact, he no longer needs an IEP (in high school) his inclusion was so successful. I have lived in other parts of the country and this has been the best experience for him. He has described both Madison and West Seattle as largely bully-free.



    Mom2boys, I remember seeing your posts about your struggles at Madison. My daughter went there and she had an IEP too, we had a very different experience but we certainly weren’t impressed with the special education resource room teacher or the grade counselor (assigned to the grade cohort when they enter Madison). The integrated classes with special ed support teachers were really good for my kid, who learned a lot and graduated from her IEP at the end of 8th grade. But the folks at Madison didn’t see or understand the need for an ongoing 504 plan that would follow her to college; only the fact that we saw an amazing school psychologist (who was subbing for the regular one!) made that possible.



    My oldest attended Madison for two years and switched to Denny for 8th grade. Madison was ok overall, but not outstanding. Denny is a great school for our family. Our oldest is now in Chief Sealth and the transition was very smooth. Her sister is still at Denny and thriving. Their brother will start in the fall and I trust the teachers and principal completely. Mr Clark is an amazing leader and it shows in the culture of the whole school.
    I have no experience with IEP but I would imagine there is support for all students.



    I don’t know actually by myself. But my friend who has 2 children told me that you could find a decent school there. Anyway, you could help your kids with free essay database studymoose or similar educational services. This is a good choice if your school is not that good.

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