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    Okay, FWIW, I was finally able to confirm that the Wong’s own that building.




    @johnnyblegs, i guess you could use the term “hijack” but it wasn’t like i was saying something that isn’t already publicly acknowledged by the owner to be a problem.

    i am trying to demonstrate here (if WSB will allow) that complaining isn’t always the best way to solve something. actually DOING something is.



    I used the word hijack because it was a post about how awesome Meander’s and it’s customers are, not about the lack of ventilation which is so common knowledge that I’m pretty tired of hearing people complain about it.

    I was trying to praise you for posting this thread about helping her out. It just goes to prove how much we all love Meander’s and want it to succeed – which goes back to the original point of how awesome Meander’s and it’s customers are.


    The Velvet Bulldog

    My fault entirely. When posting my “Yet Another Reason To Love The Food And Folks At Meander’s” I was trying to be lighthearted and made the mistake of using the words “Exhaust System” and “Meander’s” in the same sentence.



    2 Much Whine

    Better to use “exhaust system” and Meander’s in the same sentence than to link “exhaust system” with another familiar name in the WSB, that name being DBP. . . . who knows what kind of funny picture would result from THAT!



    Dear West Seattle,

    I love you. I’m almost speechless, and that’s no small feat. Heh. I said “almost”.

    I want you to know that our staff give you as many raves as you give us; our crew of restaurant veterans unanimously agree that you are special, and that they’ve never worked anywhere with such completely wonderful customers. It takes a special sort to share their cinnamon roll or pot de creme and conversation with a stranger who might turn out to be a neighbor or perhaps a friend. We think of you as family, and I see here that many of you think of us the same way. Thank you.

    We will not be getting any loans, nor will we be asking the Wahs to upgrade the hood. Let me break this down.

    I have execrable credit. I am a single mom who has been homeless at various points, with a persnickety temperament and a preference for spotting a friend money over paying the gas bill on time. The friend needs the money more than the gas company.

    I understand the liabilities of that sort of attitude, and I accept them.

    No bank under the stars would give me a loan, and I’m okay with that. Had my ex and I not sold our home, we would have paid $1,000,000 over the life of the loan for a home that we purchased for $250k and that is now worth $150k. You can call me irresponsible, but I don’t think that I’m the problem here. I am just fine with not doing business with the banks, and prefer paying cash. There’s less hanging over my head, that way. <end political rant>

    The Wahs are in the midst of getting the roof fixed, and have plenty enough on their plates besides that. The accident that caused Wah to close Jade West was horrific; Wah was seriously injured, his son lost a leg, and his wife still very much feels the impact of that. Jade West was a labor of love for Wah, and difficult for him to give up. They absolutely went out on a limb in leasing me the space; I was not the only one asking, but Wah & Salina had a good feeling about me. They overlooked my credit because they thought that I would take good care of the neighbors. That is a huge, big deal, and it has completely changed my life. I won’t ask them to upgrade the hood. It makes sense to me.

    But that damned hood has *got* to be upgraded. You’re right. That needs to happen.

    Meander’s Kitchen is run by the skin of my teeth. I opened the doors and crossed my fingers. That was nuts. That’s really, really not the way you’re supposed to do this.

    Over the past year and a half, the restaurant (and by that, I mean YOU) has gone from paying my rent and buying school clothes for my kid, to supporting ten human beings and their various children and cats and dogs, and more than doubling the seating capacity. That’s unheard of.

    But there’s still no financial cushion. The expanded space, the labor cost, the stupid refrigeration and plumbing and fire suppression system…we are incredibly lucky to still be open.

    I hate asking for help, but, again, you’re right. That hood. Agh.

    I don’t want you to hand me a check, though. I will be horribly embarrassed, and, if you want to know something about my psychology, kind of ashamed. I love your support, but let me suggest an alternative, now that it’s gotten to the point that folks are independently suggesting ways to raise funds for the hood.

    How’s about if I set up a Kickstarter or an IndieGoGo fundraising account, where you can pledge via Paypal and the like to hit a fundraising goal, but you get something in return? Your pledge could get you a gift pack of our homemade ketchup and jam, or the forthcoming cookbook or other goodies? Let me give you something in return; let me earn it.

    Have I mentioned how much I love being here? I do.



    Let me give you something in return; let me earn it.

    I think you’ve earned it already, Miranda, with what you’ve given to this community. And really, what you’ve done for the Wongs’s as well.

    I imagine it does all of their hearts good, and especially Wah’s to see the WS community embrace you, as they did him.

    Thanks for weighing in on this, and sharing your story.

    And to the person upthread that said:

    ….it’s called capitalism!

    I would say this is what capitalism is all about, and I’d be willing to bet it what our Foreparents had in mind in writing the Constitution.

    It’s not about already having tons of money up front, to invest into something, to make tons more money. It’s about having a dream, or a love for something, and being able to share that dream or love with others, while also bringing in enough dough to live on, and hopefully pack some away.

    Many of the huge corporations started out this way, and sadly, many if not most, long ago lost touch with the Founder’s dream, and have become beholden only to the top executives of the company, and the top shareholders, at the expense of the Customers, and Employees.

    You, Miranda, are real. Please stay that way.





    so.. you want us to light a fire under you to finish the cookbook too ;->

    i’m in.

    i will gladly pay tuesday for future rainy day recipes someday …

    in the meantime.. do you do takeout?


    The Velvet Bulldog

    Miranda–love the Kickstarter Idea! Dang, wish I’d thought of that…

    As for the jam? Um, YES PLEASE.

    You rock our world my friend.



    Miranda: I personally apologize for asking for people to do something that would make you feel embarrassed or ashamed. This was absolutely not my intent. Reading your post made me proud to have you in the neighborhood, working so hard on our behalf. Please post the link so I can participate though! Thank you!



    Thank you for your open sharing, Miranda, even though you didn’t owe any of us an explanation of such a personal nature. I *love* the idea of Kickstarter. I have contributed to many, and I see how it’s made a life-changing difference in one woman’s life who has seen her business evolve in ways she never expected. Please set one up and I will gladly support it.



    What Sue said. Thank you, Miranda! I think that’s a wonderful idea and I will definitely contribute! Yay Meanders!



    Cookbook??!! aww geez man! I love you Miranda.

    Where’s the link to your Kickstarter?

    BTW – I have a RANT…your hash is addictive. I want to try other things on the menu but I can’t stay away from the hash with bisquit and side gravy. Dam you!!



    Miranda – I have not been in but have heard nothing but RAVES about your place. I tried to get in once when you were still a tiny place and it was crammed to the gills and I reminded myself “These people know a secret I don’t… I WILL be back.” I love your reputation and specifically your comment above so much that I will be in for sure now. So glad you’re in West Seattle and I can’t wait to come try your grub. :)


    Only people that own and operate a business know what its like. The struggle, the fight to stay open, the exhaustion, the elation of having a tiny bit of success to have one person run you back in to the ground with a negative comment that you have no way in heck of really fixing. I havent been paid a dime out of my business in 4 years. If it wasnt for my husband I wouldnt be changing the lives of people with diabetes. We have to get rid of this thought that just because someone runs a store front they are making cash hand over fist. It just doesnt work like that. I applaud Miranda and her success and will continue to visit her even if it aggravates my asthma because I believe in the power of the entrepreneur. WE are people that make things happen in this world despite the daily challenges and complaints that you arent doing something up to someone elses standards. If you dont like something, dont complain, help that entrepreneur to change it. It take a community to raise a child and the same thing holds true for a business.

    Mary McNeight, CPDT-KA, CCS, BGS

    Director of Training and Behavior

    Service Dog Academy –

    Diabetic Alert Dog University –



    Thank you Miranda……..that is so cool that you have turned requests for a donation into requests for an investment…big difference, so count me in too! I can totally get behind a small business wanting to proceed along this path. More info please on how to proceed.



    YES!!!! Let’s get that Kickstarter account open Miranda!!! Chris loves your jam and I, of course, NEED that wonderful cardamon syrup………..



    I know my wife would buy your catsup if you botteled it



    Miranda, please don’t hesitate to create the kickstarter page before you know exactly what donors will get. As you have witnessed here, there are plenty of us that want to donate no matter what you will be offering. We will be very excited to see this endeavor take flight as you are a community treasure. Thanks for picking Morgan junction for your business!



    Most people’s vocabulary is execrable…but not Meanders!



    maybe someone has a friend that has a friend that will trade or donate time to fix the vent problems.

    I have been in the construction trade for almost 40 years. I dont do hvac but have many friends.

    if someone will give me contact info i would love to look into it and even donate my time to help in whatever way i can. by doing this we can settle both issues. Thanks in advance.. Tom


    Betty T


    There are some very nice people on here, we can ignore any who aren’t. What a wonderful offer for a very great cause. “People helping people”.



    Very sorry it’s taken me so long to come back to this post…

    Here’s what’s going on; Salina (Wah’s wife) has let me know that they may or may not be renewing our lease when it is up in December. She mentioned the possibility of selling the building, or of tearing it down to build offices. I know she’s talked about the stress of building management being a lot for their family right now.

    In light of this, it doesn’t make any sense to invest the money for a hood in the building just yet; not until we know for sure if we will continue in the same location.

    Because of this, we have been eyeballing alternate locations…we looked at the Charlestown, which is huge. We’ve also looked at another space on Delridge, not far from the community center. Would y’all still come see us if we were over yonder? We’d be able to double our seating capacity, and add in that book store we’ve been talking about…meaning no more 45 minute waits for a table, and no miasma of smoke hanging thick. Your thoughts?


    2 Much Whine




    Please come to Delridge!!!!!!!!!!!!

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