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    Michael Waldo

    Over the past ten years, Maharaja has been the best Indian restaurant in Seattle and other times the worst. They seem to go through cooks quite often. Last night, the food was great. Service, as always, was spotty. I hope this cook stays around awhile.



    Are there ANY other Indian restaurants in West Seattle? (Sorry, I initially read your post that way. I’ve never actually eaten at Maharaja because I always heard such mixed reviews.)



    We tried to go there on Wednesday night and it was packed. They honestly told us it would take an hour for orders (due to ‘To Go’ orders as well as the full dining room).

    While we opted to go elsewhere, that did make me wonder if they’ve improved… Glad to hear it, and can’t wait to get in next time!



    I don’t know how authentic it is but I like the food there. Better than some places I’ve tried in the region.



    datamuse, the one in Admiral closed, so I believe it’s the only one left. I live 2 blocks from Maharaja, but always went to the one in Admiral – I thought Maharaja’s food all tasted the same. Not bad, but to me it was mediocre. I tried to give it another try a few weeks ago, but it was packed so I went elsewhere.



    I’m a big fan of Maharajah and eat there 2-3 times per month. The food is consistently great. A couple of years ago when a new chef came on board the food took a turn for the worse but I think they got enough complaints that it got fixed pretty quickly. Be aware that heat levels are not very consistent; not a problem to me but might be to others. Medium spicy can come with a lot more heat than expected.

    As mentioned above, they have gotten a lot busier in the last few months so be prepared to wait if you’re there on a Friday night in the 6-8pm timeframe.



    Food is just about ok. It is standard restaurant fare and not really exceptional. As an aficionado of that cuisine, I go there only because there is no other Indian restaurant on the peninsula. Royal India Grill in Admiral was horrible and I’m not sad it closed. There are WAY better Indian joints across Seattle (Travelers@Beacon Hill, Shanik@SLU, Chillis@UW , Cedars@UW, Saffron Grill@Northgate). Also the Eastside in general has better Indian food (larger/more established Indian community there).


    Michael Waldo

    Hey wsn00b, I agree for the most part.I go there,as you say, because there is not another Indian resturant closer. Someone needs to open a good one in Burien. I will try your recomendation and seek out Travelers on Beacon Hill. Never heard of it before.

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