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    I dropped my insulated bage inside QFC (Junction) this afternoon. Since there weren’t any shopping baskets by the door, I was juggling items and veggies (while trying to put then in bags to make it easier to carry). Unfortunately, I didn’t notice that my insulated bag had fallen until I finally found a basket deep inside the store.
    The lost eco-bag is almost the same size as a paper grocery bag. Very distinctive, Hawai’ian inspired graphics, and practically brand new. I know of only one store in Seattle that sold it.
    Description of the bag: Background of the bag is off-white/beige. The handles are blue. Design on the bage has large blue sea turtles (honu) and seaweed leaf graphics with green accents. Inside is a quilted silver material to keeps food cold or warm.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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