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    Somehow yellow jackets have built a nest under the eves or actually inside the attic. I sprayed some Raid crap up toward the area but didn’t kill the whole nest. I can’t even see the nest.

    Anyway, anyone got a good recommendation??



    We used Cascade Pest Control a couple of years ago for similar (entering at the eave) – they came quickly and we’ve never had a problem since. They have some good BBB and environmental accolades on their website too.



    I manage to co-exist pretty well with my yellow jackets (outside the house, that is. Inside the house they are fair game!) I like having them around, as they are carnivores, eating mosquitoes and some of the many aphids I have on my roses. I often see them crawling around the roses ‘hunting’. They do start to get aggressive this time of year as they are hungry and, more likely, thirsty. I keep a bucket of water with a couple of leaves in it (landing pad) for them to drink from (change out the water frequently to keep mosquitoes from breeding). It’s not unusual to see them them land on the water or on one of the leaves, get a little drink, and fly off. Can’t say they recognize my efforts, but I’ve never been stung, even when I’m working in the flower beds under their nests, or near ‘their’ bucket!



    We used an older gentleman called “The Bee Guy” – he humanely got them out and removed the nest. Can’t find his card, but bet you can find him on the internet.



    Cool thanks for the replies.

    Yeah I was planning on just letting them do their thing until I could hear them eating at my ceiling or something and then piece of stuff started falling through a space that was between our cupboard and outside wall right where the nest was. It was creeeeeeeeepy to say the least. I could stick my ear to the ceiling and hear the nest buzzing, and a couple came through the space where all that crap was falling down.

    anyway…it’s been creepy. I did put a big damper on things with the poison, but they aren’t all dead yet.

    I think I’ll set up a raw fish trap and try to get the rest. I hate to kill things but they are messing with my nest and I know they’d try to kill me if I got caught messing with theirs.

    Thanks again for the advice peeps!



    Second the vote for Cascade. We’ve used them several times over many years, including a similar situation once.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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