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    I’ve been renting in the Junction while looking to buy a home in West Seattle. I love the Junctions and Lincoln Park area; however homes that meet criteria haven’t come available in these areas. There is a potential house around Alki. I’m nervous because of the crowds down there. I’d appreciate any feedback on living on Alki.



    My wife and I lived near the corner of 63rd & Admiral for about 2 & 1/2 years and absolutely loved it! As long as you have a dedicated parking space it really is a fantastic neighborhood to live in. The weekends can get a little hectic with throngs of people coming out but if you’re walking distance to Alki Ave it’s awesome. The only reason we left was our rental was purchased by a developer who wanted to jack rents by 25% and we had the opportunity to buy near Westwood so we took it but if my rents had stayed the same or only increased 10% or so we’d still be living up there.

    Weekend nights can get a little loud from the race cars and loud motorcycles racing around but adding a little insulation to your windows and some blackout blinds reduces that problem quite a bit.

    If you choose to buy up there I wish you the best and hope you have as great of a time there as I did. :)



    Our take: Winters (and much of fall and spring) are sublime. It’s so quiet and always beautiful! The point gives you two very different beach experiences, and lovely to stick in a kayak and cruise. Summers are crazy busy, but the mornings are usually serene. I love the way you can get downtown w/out a car so easily (bike, bus or water taxi). Those little libraries are popping up everywhere, and dogs and their people become acquaintances quickly. I think we’re all looking forward to seeing what goes in those empty storefronts along the beach; really could use something like a Cone and Steiner market!
    There’s not a lot of real estate available; I’d say go for it if you can.

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    If you can find something on the Beach Drive side of Alki, you’ll absolutely love it! You’ll be within a short walk to the beach and amenities of Alki Avenue, but won’t have any of the nuisance, even in the summer. We live on the corner of 60th and Charlestown, and we get very little of the cruising and resulting noise and littering. We bought two years ago, and we often marvel at our fortune. I’m never moving ever again. :)



    We love it. It’s loud and busy in the summer though with motorcycles revving needlessly at every cross walk, teenagers and drunken folks cackling and cars blasting music into the wee hours. Makes for a rough sleep and an anxious dog, but that’s about all there is to complain about. We love the community though and how tight knit it feels in the winter.

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