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    They are getting some press. The problem is the short happy-hour times to get one of those yummy burgers.





    I know…when they say Happy Hour, they mean it…1 hour!



    Mmmm, the five star sidecars!



    That happy hour lasting just an hour is fine.

    The real problem (from my standpoint) is the people working downtown seattle do not have the time to take the bus at 5-ish and get at the junction in time (before 5:30pm) to order that (wonderful) $5 burger.

    The people running JAK’s grill locations do not care: they just want to relatively fill the place in order to avoid the “Nobody-wants-to-get-in-an-empty-restaurant” syndrome. They are successful as the place is always full around 5:30pm so why would they change a winning formula?

    I am a bit pissed about it but again, who cares? it’s not like they will go bankrupt not getting my money.

    If I am not happy why don’t I open my own joint? do I keep telling myself…probably just to go with the saying “When you think about opening a restaurant you should lie down on a sofa and wait until it goes away”.



    pepe.. You’re not the only one who thinks that way about happy-hour times. I’d like to not have to rush to get a seat by 4:30 at Jak’s or other places to just order one of their burgers. I used to have a full work schedule and could never make it in by 5:30. So, I just gave up trying. After I lost my job, I finally got in and ordered one. I’ve been there done that now. Their happy-hour burger is tasty and has good value to it. Jak’s is successful for many reason’s, and you can bet they’re still making money during happy-hour. :)



    There is a reason for those times.

    Many places don’t make money off the food (break even if you’re lucky) but rely on beverages to make some change when they’re not at their peak hour.

    That’s why majority are from 4pm-6pm.

    Why give a discount when you know you’ll be busy?

    It’s a business, not a freebie.



    wait…it’s not a freebie? darn – lolol..but the burger during HH is definitely a bargain..I’ve had it :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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