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    Wonder why we have not heard more on the “JACK BLOCK PARK TRANSIT CENTER” ?

    The Jack Block Park location, just a few blocks north of Spokane Street on Harbor Ave. A perfect choice for West Seattle’s Light Rail Transit Center. But Sound Transit is looking the other way, without respect for the best interest for West Seattle.

    This is the only location in West Seattle where ample acreage is available for parking and a beautiful Community Transit Center for west Seattle Light Rail riders.
    Space for 1500 car garage. Riders could park and ride to downtown locations. As in comparison to Spokane Street where only limited parking would be available.
    Jack Block site would allow the Water Taxi to be moved from existing site to a new Pier at Jack Block Park. This would ease parking problems near Don Armeni boat launch, Seacrest Pier, and Salty’s. There is no parking available for beach walkers presently. Moving the Water Ferry away from the Seacrest Pier would also reduce wave disturbances to Paddle Boarders and Kayaks north of its present location.
    Light Rail from Downtown would cross either under or over the Duwamish Waterway, stopping near Delridge/Chelan and then curve to the northwest to Jack Block Park.
    From there two tunnels, one west to Admiral District, and one southwest to Avalon and West Seattle Junction.

    Why haven’t we not heard more about this location?
    Ask you City Council, or better yet ask the Port of Seattle which owns the parcels.

    West Seattle, Don’t get fooled again with promises of expensive overhead tracks.
    Who would like a monorail blocking your view.



    Well, apart from the ridiculous amount of tunneling, the huge traffic impact on Harbor Avenue, and the wasted resources in having a spur line end at Admiral, it sounds completely reasonable!



    I don’t think there has ever been a proposal for a parking garage in West Seattle. Our streets are way too crowded at commuting time. No way would we consider adding more cars coming to/from a parking garage.

    “There is no parking available for beach walkers presently.”

    There are hundreds of spaces to park a car for free along Harbor Avenue. I’m firmly against adding any more parking — it will increase congestion. If anything we should be removing parking spaces.

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    True, Tunneling is very costly, and there are several alternatives. but several proposals in the works already have tunnels.
    But regarding the parking issues, which I would like to focus on, a parking Lot or Garage near Jack Block Park Transit Center, would relive parking problems all along Harbor ave, from Salty’s to the boat launch. For comparison, if there were a station at Avalon Street and 35th. SW, there is nowhere to park. Same goes for Fauntleroy and the Junction. The Stations there would create worst parking problems.
    Light Rail Riders would need to take regular busses to these locations and transfer to downtown light rail. Those stations are designed for our expanding Condominium dwellers. Not home owners in West Seattle.



    Those stations are designed for our expanding Condominium dwellers. Not home owners in West Seattle.

    Ok, enough of this. Seriously.



    Well let me ask a question.
    If you wanted to travel downtown to see a game or go to work, what ever, do you think there would be parking near the Junction, Fauntleroy, or 35th. stations?
    My guess in NO.
    This is why a larger parking facility like near Jack Block Park would work.
    Similar to the success of the West Seattle Water Taxi, people just love it.
    They park in West Seattle on Harbor Ave. and relax on their way to the game.
    This Parking Facility could reduce downtown traffic considerably.

    If you have a better suggestion I would like to hear it.



    Another interesting point, while discussing the pros and cons with my friends from the City, someone suggested a two phase project. Phase One, would bring Light Rail to West Seattle, at the proposed Jack Block Transit Center, and Phase two would be expanding the ride to Avalon, and the Junction. We would get Light Rail sooner. (phase one at least} Any tunneling would take years, I only hope I am still around to see Light Rail in West Seattle. Thank you.




    Why Suspend Light Rail beneath the West Seattle Bridge?

    The reason to suspend Light Rail beneath the West Seattle bridge is to lessen the impact on the Dawamish River. Permission to make a new crossing over the river or even a tunnel would be a issue that could become very costly. to say the least.
    But Seattle already has a right away for the west Seattle freeway corridor.
    Railway loads would be distributed vertically on existing bridge foundation, with additional steel framework. “not gondola”
    The view will be awesome.




    West Seattle Light rail suspended beneath the West Bridge is a component of “JACK BLOCK PARK LIGHT RAIL TRANSIT CENTER” (Concept by OneRogueCloud)



    There are plenty of people living near those proposed stations in the Junction or 35th/Avalon to fill light rail, even if people don’t take local buses and cars to a station. And “condominium dwellers” are homeowners. Are you somehow suggesting that they are “less than” those who own houses? Or that homeowners are more important than renters? The amount of time I would spend getting into my car (which I don’t use for commuting) and fighting traffic to get to Jack Block Park would be better spent just hopping on a bus to downtown. And 1,500 cars is nothing for a parking garage. Do you honestly think that this capacity would be enough for light rail commuters AND the people going to the beach AND local businesses?



    Yes, a Community Transit Center just south of Jack Block park, would be a major improvement. There is room for well over 1500 parking spaces.
    Look at the site with Google Earth. Most is owned by the city and the port. As is Pier 1.
    If tunneling is chosen by Sound Transit, this location would reduce tunneling by 50%.
    I could park at a safe location and bike or walk around the beach, then get on either the Water Taxi (new location at Jack Block Park) or Light rail and see the game.
    Question, why hasn’t Seattle done anything with Pier 1. Its a total garbage dump. I thought there were Shoreline regulations prohibiting this kind of waste.
    Look at it with Google Earth. That’s West Seattle too.



    WOW take a breath Soaringcam

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