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    Too much pain

    ​It’s not really a fear of the dentist as it is the total dislike of, and inability to, tolerate people and things inside my head.

    Although I’ve learned to deal with the various voices that have somewhat-successfully controlled my life to this point, they don’t scrape, dill, manipulate and make me want to gag, plus all the various other things that happen while in the reclined and somewhat defenseless position. Oh, and did I mention the smells of a dentist’s office?!!!

    (Note: For many years I have been and still am, an active participant on the blog, however for this endeavor I am choosing to remain anonymous. Should you believe you know who I am, I ask that you don’t publicly acknowledge it~thank you!)

    My inability to handle time in the dentists chair has been life-long, starting with the battles I had with mom in an attempt to keep from going. I wasn’t persuaded or distracted by the “toy box”!

    While in the military they discovered I hadn’t been attending my mandatory check-ups and/or subsequent appt’s so was actually assigned a MP escort to ensure I reported as ordered.

    Fast-forward to now. For 4 days I haven’t been able to eat well or sleep well due to the constant pain from a tooth that likely needs to be extracted. A functioning human and positive contributor to our community cannot continue to live like this, thus I am turning to my WS peeps for their recommendations…

    What dentist do you know that is good, no GREAT, at working with patients like me? Hopefully someone who will knock-me-out in order to dive inside my pie-hole and do the deed that needs doing?

    Yes, I have insurance. And no, I won’t require an escort to ensure I report as scheduled.

    Thank you for any help you can give,


    A neighbor who’s in ‘too much pain’!



    I would suggest trying Dr. Jerry Velling of Velling Dental. He and his staff are very kind and understanding. My husband has a similar, but not quite as strong, fear of the dentist and they were very patient with him. Dr. Jerry even checked in after hours after performing major dental work. Velling Dental 206-767-3480. Office is located off of Roxbury, east of the catholic church.



    Sadly the dentist that helped me get past my dental phobias has retired. I recently tried a new dentist recommended to me, their office is in Burien. Its a lovely crew that works there. I just had my first semi annual cleaning appointment – it was the best cleaning experience I’ve ever had!

    Good Luck!

    Travelle Family Dentistry



    I too had fear of the dentist – Dr. Smits was really understanding of that and his staff is fantastic.



    My story is similar -finally found a good, patient, non-judgmental dental office – love them!

    Dr. Kari Chellis:

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    Dentalphobic here too. I found a dentist decades ago. She moved across town but I followed her & her practice

    Another significant medical issue is that many of us don’t have 9 to 5, Monday through Friday jobs. I don’t even have a schedule for the next month until 15 to 20 days out. It is extremely difficult to find a doctor who will work with you. Very frustrating…



    There is a “Smile Secrets” pop-up dental ad blocking the view that I can’t get rid of…



    I totally get it. My mother was the same way. I was 18 when she asked me to go with her to the dentist and, when they called her name in the waiting room, she cried out saying “Hold my hand.” That event made me very aware of the atmosphere and approach in dental offices.

    Hope I’m not too late to put in my two cents. The dentist I am currently using set up his office on California Ave. a couple of years ago: Dr. Garret Reed.


    The emphasis at his practice is to make things very relaxed and even, possibly, enjoyable. He’s very proud of the number of children and adults that he’s worked on who leave happy and smiling.

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