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    If identical wording is any indication, the new rash of ultrasound laws making abortion far more costly that are being promoted by Republicans in several states certainly seems to be an organized effort.




    Republicans are playing right into the Democrats trap. By submitting this kind of stuff now they are giving the media all the tools they need to keep the sheeple from focusing on the economy. Even $4 gas is not getting the press it did four years ago. 8.3% & $3.99 should be the discussion. Every. Single. Day.



    “Republicans are playing right into the Democrats trap.”

    This is the kind of denial you see from the true believer Repubs. Democratic trap? How exactly did the Democrats trick the Repubs into introducing these bills into legislatures all over the country?

    I suspect it was their own idea.



    I guess I should have said “giving them something other than the economy to talk about”, you are correct. Although, something tells me the left wing media would find “something” to try and keep the eye off the ball (8.3% & $3.99)in their attempt to keep the great one in office.




    what will it take for you to understand that for women these bills are about the economy?

    our own personal finances.

    this is not new.

    this is not some trumped up non-issue.

    this has been the fight of my entire lifetime..

    one we thought we won 40 years ago.

    Republicans have chosen to try to roll the clock back on women’s rights.

    there is no-one to blame but them.

    Why aren’t you asking why the Republicans aren’t focusing on our economy

    instead of harassing women?



    I guess I’m sick and tired of Repubs who always say…it’s a left wing conspiracy, no matter what it is. Dems aren’t forcing Repubs to initiate these bills about ultrasound.It’s not a great conspiracy. It is what it is. The Repubs did it, the Repubs need to take full responsibility, and simply admit that. They are the ones who haven’t got it in them to tackle the economy, so they pull this crap, and then…people like you, Smitty, find a way to say it’s the Dem’s. It’s tiresome.



    It’s pushback. Woman have by Title X and PHL.. free access to birth control. It’s our version of you. The green algae for fuel people, the Obamacare zealots, … as soon as the primaries are over… then we go for center mass Smitty. I just read a report that 4.20 gallon gas takes about .5 per cent off GDP… the total of our entire growth in 2011… that puts us in recession again. Krogers already reported a 2% increase in operating costs. Fuel and Food… and neither one is the CPI… but it hits the middle class the worst. When dollars are cheap…. you need more to buy less. we will be focusing on the economy…as soon as we can get past the primaries. It’s coming. Some conservative did address the VA ultrasound .. I did. I said it was stupidity. It didn’t pass either. It was a vaginal insertion US… very dumb. Now… is there a valid medical reason for an ultrasound? Would a responsible ObGyn do an ultrasound as a matter of course where an abortion mill might not?



    When Obama is sworn in again next January, the first thing he ought to do is thank Rush Limbaugh, Rick “Google” Santorum, and the rest of the social conservative nutjobs that removed foreign policy and economic issues from the campaign discussion. And it doesn’t even matter if the nominee is Romney; for 2012, the GOP is the evangelical fundie party.

    People need to wake up and realize that it’s hypocritical to oppose Obamacare as a government intrusion between the patient and doctor, while also supporting mandatory vaginal ultrasounds before an abortion.

    If there is a GOP “War on women,” it is a part of a much larger war on rationalism. In several states, conservatives are still trying to ramrod “intelligent design” into classrooms. Opposition to same-sex marriages is being organized in congregations all across this state. GOPers are still pumping out propaganda that discredits the science of anthropogenic climate change. Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe had some particularly moronic things to say this week…

    There are conservative arguments to be made in regards to economics and foreign policy. But with the current idiocy garnering headlines, who’s going to listen to anyone with an “R” after their last name?



    No one in Seattle. But lots and lots of people elsewhere. By the looks of congress…most people voted republican and verrrry conservative ones at that.. Does it make medical sense, is it standard of care, to have an ultra sound before an abortion procedure?




    did you just try to imply that women brought this on themselves by actually expecting to be treated equally?

    because it’s not as though the male establishment was just going to decide to play fair and create equal opportunity without some kind of mandates … like title IX

    And why aren’t guys like you jumping up and down and cheering that the women they may have casual sex with have free access to birth control.

    Modern DNA makes subsidizing birth control the far cheaper option…




    just for giggles..

    why would you think it is best medical practice to get an ultasound before an abortion?

    do you know whether an ultasound is standard medical practice before removing fibroids or treating endometriosis?

    those are both similar surgical procedures performed inside a woman’s uterus… much like abortion.

    They are the sophisticated versions of the old D&C .. dilate and cuterage.. which used to be the umbrella that an understanding or well bribed doctor hid an abortion before they were legal.

    they were generally preceded by a physical examination and a lot of questions and occassionally a lecture.

    i did finally get an ultrasound before having my hernia repaired this last year..

    but only because they were afraid that it was about to rupture and they needed to assess whether or not to give me emergency surgery in spite of the fact that my blood was thinned by regular aspirin intake.



    No I pointed out the obvious…the rest of the country thinks and feels, they are getting force fed a lotta crap that doesn’t fit their four corners… and yep… you are harvesting blowback. What male establishment? Didn’t you just say woman control the purse strings, are in the majority, vote more often, and they do own the greatest amount of wealth (and out earn men). Title X for poor women is fine. It does not violate the First Amendment since churches pay no income tax..and do not have to directly fund it. They can act in good conscience. Ya picked a fight that ya didn’t need to… now watch Title X be used as the justification to eliminate federal subsidy to Planned Parenthood. Left jab, right hook. And ya know… I don”t embrace the issue as mine…but I will vote for any candidate who will repeal Obamacare and it if his or her platform includes. deficit reduction, protection of fundamental rights, particularly the First and Second amendments which are favorite liberal targets. Those are my priorities. In that order.




    your hot air is showing


    the placement of your leak

    is likely to sink your balloon

    especially if you keep blowing holes in it



    We will see. $4.20 gallon gas, 8.3 unemployment rate… and no growth. We will see how important the Obamacare mandate is stacked against that. IF it survives three Supreme Court chalenges. Remember … over half the states in this country are challenging it. All politics is local… tip O’Neil.




    is that a sibilant warning sound?

    or escaping gas?

    it might be me

    but i am pretty sure it isn’t the dogs



    Basically, when it comes to things like contraception, birth control, morning-after pills, the only ones who should be allowed to vote are women.

    We don’t have a tradition of burkhas or chadors, so the male powers-that-were reach for what they do have as traditional levers to turn back the clock. The bell cannot be unrung, and as a man, I have no standing in this, and aside from stating the obvious, no opinion. The religious freedom thing is a fig leaf used by the male old guard.

    And kootch, blaming the president for the price of gas is like crediting him for the rising jobs numbers. Many people will imply he is responsible for at least one of them but neither is under his control. The president alone w/o the cooperation of Congress is like a trim tab on an aileron–can’t do much if the main control is pointing the other way.



    faux news on presidents and gas prices…




    Basically, when it comes to things like contraception, birth control, morning-after pills, the only ones who should be allowed to vote are women.

    SO TRUE.



    “We will see how important the Obamacare mandate is stacked against that. “

    so YOUR argument is that people shouldn’t have health insurance? we can argue on the constitutionality of a supposed ‘mandate’… but you would rather that a private insurer dictate eligibility?


    HMC Rich

    Geez you guys are full of it.

    JayDee and others. It takes two to tango and I don’t see people running out to get morning after pills after in-vitro.

    Both sexes have a say. If not you are being sexist.

    Nyah, Nyah, Nyah, Nyah, you are sexists, you are sexists.

    It is not the Federal Governments job to care about your health. Lefties keep trying, hell some righties keep trying to.



    healthcare is everyone’s business. When someone doesn’t have insurance it becomes my problem, because I pay for it in other ways. So, yes, I car about this greatly. And, get off it, Rich, there is nothing sexist about this., except for the fact that for some reason there are a whole lot of men who have inserted themselves into women’s health. I think a lot of women are a bit tired of men trying to mandate to women on this like they know better, like we should just be a “little woman” and shut up and take what they give us and be happy about it. Got news for ya, bud. It isn’t gonna be like it used to be.

    And I’m more than sick of people pulling the “leftie” “rightie” card…take that away, and let’s just be human instead of the game that we’re playing now. And start talking about the economy …



    I always want to know if insurance companies aren’t going to cover birth control, why should they cover viagra? Seems to go hand-in-hand with birth control, don’t you think?



    Yeah, really the only men that should have anything at all to say about women’s contraceptives are the doctors the women are consulting with on which contraception they should choose. And this only (obviously) applies if the doctor is in fact a man. As a man, it’s an interesting topic to discuss with women, and I would hope to at best give some outside insight and perspective to the situation, but realistically I can’t expect any more than that. Nor should I.

    There’s nothing sexist about letting women have control over what goes into their own bodies and making decisions about their health. The idea of it being so is laughable at best.

    Also, the idea that men should have a say because “it takes two to tango” is like saying every time a woman decides to have sex, it’s purpose is for procreation. If procreation is, in fact, the purpose, then the man’s input is MAYBE weighed a little heavier, but that’s about it. I hope no one is really saying that because a woman allows you to make love to her you now have a right to tell her what to do with her body. Although, I’d love to hear that argument…



    indeed, LS. in fact, that should be a mandate. can’t get viagra without the contraception.

    i think the bigger issue here, and one that’s kind of funny, is republicans trying to deny that people have recreational sex, and that we enjoy it, and that we aren’t ashamed of it. not just some of us, but a majority of us. they tacitly admit it with their silence on the viagra issue. they’ll yell all day long about women who use birth control being promiscuous, but never say a word about a guy with a viagra prescription’s promiscuity.

    “oh, the senator there is trying to have a baby.” give me a break. the guy is 71.

    so they’re cutting off their noses to spite their faces, it seems. or maybe there’s no way they can reconcile the two. that would explain their silence.

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