Is anyone hearing the mysterious “hum” at night?

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    Here’s a link to a previous (April) discussion about this topic:

    I remember hearing the noise then and being thankful when it went away. Now it’s back–in my Highland Park neighborhood anyway. Is anyone else hearing it? Does anyone have any new ideas about how to figure out what it is and make it stop? It’s hugely interfering with my sleep and driving me CRAZY!



    no, I don’t hear it. But I did read about someone hearing a noise once.



    YES!! I woke up in the middle of the night (2-3am?) the other night and heard it for the first time ever. It was SO annoying.

    We just recently moved to Highland Park from Westwood, and I really enjoy how quiet it is in HP at night. That night it was not quiet at all. It definitely sounded like machinery or something.

    Interestingly, the way sounds echo up here is very different from Westwood. We were closer to the schools down there, but we hear the band on Friday nights LOUD and CLEAR from here, where we didn’t from 4 blocks further east. It’s almost like sounds from the other higher elevated areas bounce across the valleys.


    Probably a group of smokers all flicking their lighters in unison or The Crash Test Dummies practicing in someones basement?



    LMF: probably the smokers. Everything’s their fault.



    Aside from levity, perhaps the culprit in the noise is the calm weather which leads to stratification in the atmosphere. Noise can reflect off of thermal boundaries just like waves on the shore. Switching further away may have moved you into the reflection area of the sound. I am not a noise expert, but I have “…a Masters Degree in Science!” (For those who remember “Dr. Science”).

    BTW (slightly off-post) where is Highland Park? The Balkanization of the various ‘hoods gets me confused. I saw a minivan with one of those psuedo-Euro stickers that said “upper ALKI” as if that is somewhere else other than “lower ALKI”…



    Sound travels in weird ways around WS. I live uphill from the Fauntleroy ferry. I was in my back yard this afternoon, and heard a train whistle loud and clear. It is odd the way the sound travels from the harbor district (where all the trains are) over the hills and valleys, all the way to my West-facing neighborhood.



    jayDee do you know where Zippy’s burgers is? that is highland park. Essentially it is 16th and Holden up to Highland Park drive (also known as Boeing Hill).


    Actually sound travels much farther in cold air. The colder/denser the air is the more sound will travel.



    I heard the hum in the air last night as I was trying to get to sleep. I think it was the diesel motors of the ferry. The noise travels up the ravine along fauntleroy creek. It is a very low hum as the boat idles. I wonder if that is the hum you are hearing?



    it wouldnt be the ferry motors in the middle of the night, right?

    i also hear the humming. i am up in admiral near the high school.



    *quietly dismantles and packs up mind control device*

    they’re on to me!



    I thought the hum was the sound of people trying to surreptitiously turn off tvs in restaurants with their remote controls.

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