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    Other apps besides most of the aforementioned would be:

    Snap Tell- you take a picture of a Book or CD/DVD and it will tell you the current online price listings, local price listings so you can determine who has the best price. Saves me a bundle for school books.

    iTranslate- is another great one because you can enter in a desired phrase into the app and it will not only show you the text, it will also pronouce it for you so this is good for me when I have non-english speaking patients and I don’t have a clue on how to pronounce a phrase…



    I found a few new apps this week that I’m loving and thought I should share.

    Awesome Note- make lots of lists and customize to your liking. View as memos, lists, or checklists.

    StetchBook Mobile- a mini version of $90 sketching software.

    myPantone- a long awaited app for designers and color superstars. Name that pantone on the go! It also allows you to save color pallets for later use.



    iphone sucks, until they go carrier agnostic its a cash machine for ATT and Apple.

    Technology wants to be free.



    from sunset magazine..

    and i phone app that lets you match a Benjamin Moore paint color to something you see that you like..

    Ben Color Capture

    that might be useful




    matching a carrier you want with the phone you want is a real problem..

    it looks like the release of Verizon’s new android has been pushed back to the holidays.. maybe:(



    I have a 1st gen iPhone that has been liberated, and runs on Tmobile, I like it fine, but its ridiculously expensive, and I pay about 40$ less per month than a att user would. I would assume if your talking about VZW your talking about the HTC Hero, which is already available for GSM carriers, but you have to pay full price for it. I would already have a palm pre, if an unlocked GSM one didnt cost over $600. We will see if the new moto cliq delivers on its promises.



    Big iPhone fan hear despite the increased expense from payasyougoT-Mobile/iPodTouch configuration. Having taken the plunge I try to be selective on the apps I download. “Time Suck” anyone? The ones I enjoy (in no particular order):

    WSBlog – goes without saying but will anyway

    Distant Shore – connectively addictive

    Koi Pond – calming in a stressful moment

    Goggle Voice – just plain cool

    Comcast – what’s on TV RIGHT NOW!

    Weather Bug – is it snowing at Our Lady of Guadelupe Church? Need to know!

    Starbucks – handy when I travel – and pay – Mobile Card (at some locations)

    New York Times, USA Today, LA Times – what’s going on where

    Wiki – What’s about what

    Shop Notes – wouldn’t leave the house without it

    Bump – just a cool way to exchange info with other iPhones

    Shazam – the first iPhone revelation

    Scrabble – playing someone over WiFi – fun! (although too much time spent on the bog)

    Cribbage – my Dad’s 3000 miles away

    Showtimes, Fandango – feel like a movie? Never not know wherever you are . . .

    Smack Talk – my gawd, for 99 cents, the hours of kids and adults laughing – worth 10 X that

    NPR Radio – great when traveling, for audible local news

    Redfin – when you want to know about THAT house over there

    There’s many other but just a few to explore . . . .

Viewing 7 posts - 51 through 57 (of 57 total)
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