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    Can’t believe I waited so long to get one but now that I do I love, love, love it! Any recommendations on cool apps people can’t live without? I know there are lots of iphone users in West Seattle, lets here what you like to use your phone for the most (besides reading the blog!).



    Seattle photographer Chase Jarvis just released the “best camera” app that lets you edit your iphone photos with different filter and film simulations. I’m sure there’s better language to describe it – http://www.thebestcamera.com/

    **I don’t have an iPhone… yet.***



    Live without? Tough call…Like they say about diets that make you live longer by restricting calories: Do you live longer, or does it just feel like it?

    I have an Touch iPod so it is a close relative…I found AppBox Pro to have a handy collection, and a nice price at $0.99 (I think). It has the level/battery life/unit conversion thing going (among others) and if you’ve the iPhone, some others that use GPS. I like the WorldView App for the cam shots it offers, from Vancouver (B.C.) to anywhere (I have cams bookmarked in “‘Tween Waters”-Florida, Tahiti, and New Zealand).

    Skip “Lightsaber” (all sound and fury signifying nothing).



    I’ve got so many iPhone apps on my iPhone that it is tough to pick just one useful app. But I have been intrigued with the new Starbucks apps since they were released earlier this week. They are pre-loaded with all of the menus. So you can select your drinks beforehand and then walk in to one of the participating locations (which are apparently just a handful in Seattle and San Francisco at this point) and both order and pay for your drink by scanning a semacode on the screen of your iPhone at a little data point on the counter at the Starbucks.



    i second the AppBox Pro. great price for a LOT of included functions. some other favorites:

    TripCase- lets you put in all of your travel arrangements (hotel/car/flights)and it notifies you if flights are delayed or gates change

    the Stranger’s Cocktail Compass- uses the GPS to tell you were the nearest bar with a happy hour is..and tells you how many minutes are left for specials

    SitorSquat- helps you find public restrooms with your gps. and lets you enter the ones that you find that they dont have listed…

    VegOut- links into HappyCow.net to use the gps and tell you the closest vegetarian friendly restaurant

    HazelMail- you prepurchase post cards..then when you take a picture, you can upload it and they will print it as a postcard and send it to anyone in your hazelmail address book.

    All Recipes- pick your ingredients and then it will give your recipe suggestions.

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE my iPhone!



    Google Mobile is a must-have app. You can do a voice search, and it’s good at voice recognition. Results come up, when appropriate, with a map on the screen, phone number, and link for directions to the place.

    Shazam is pretty cool, too. Hear a song you like when you’re out and about, and Shazam will identify it and, if you want, download it from iTunes.

    On the fun, but hardly necessary, front, I have the zippo lighter app. Turns your screen into a flame so you can do what’s required at a really great concert. It even whips around in the wind when you blow on it. Minutes of fun.



    For what it’s worth, I adore the iPhone *without* many if any apps … our son put a few on it but I don’t use anything (except Bejeweled on occasion). That said, watch for an experimental WSB iPhone app soon.



    Will the WSB app allow viewing of the forums? The regular iphone/mobile version doesn’t include forums in the drop down menu.



    Another iPhone addict here, like “cjboffili” I have so many its hard to pick the best but here a few that are specialized: *GoSkyWatch; an app that uses the compass and GPS feature to map out the sky with stars and constellation, etc. hold it up against the sky and align the sky map with the real stars if you want to know what your looking at. *Pano; an camera app that allows you to take several photos, aligning the last photo with your next photo until you are ready for the app to stitch them together for a wide shot (could be 360 deg)



    Here are some that I have…a lot of these apps are free versions, and have full (pay) versions. If there’s a free version – and it looks like an interesting app… give it a try. You can always delete it… or upgrade to a full pay version later.

    1. Shazam – hold your iPhone up to the radio and find out what song is playing and the artist! It works, and its fun to use.

    2. Shop Notes – “grocery” list app (you can customize and add items to the lists too)

    3. Sportacular (free) – for those who want to keep track of their sport teams and game scores. Can be customized with your favourite teams.

    4. Tipulator – generates how much of a tip to leave.

    5. Currency – Dollars to Pounds, Euros, Yuan, Yen…or vice versa!

    6. Battery Magic – free version now has annoying ads… pay version is fairly inexpensive. It tells you how much life is left in the battery if you play games, talk, use the internet, play music, etc.

    7. Urbanspoon – can’t decide where to go out to eat… give your iPhone a shake and see what comes up.

    8. Flight (watch those hamsters fly!!) goofy game, but it’ll put a smile on your face.

    9. 2 Across: NYT (and more) crossword puzzles downloaded on your iPhone!

    10. Quickoffice (pay version, but worth it)… Word (document) and Excel (spreadsheet) files can be sync’d to your iPhone; create a document or spreadsheet on your iPhone; or at least read a file (e.g. an email attachment). Bit of a learning curve, but fairly easy to use.

    Oh, and a bit of advice for iPhone users: use the Passcode Lock (go to Settings, then General). It may seem a bit of an inconvenience at first, but better than someone being able to access everything on your iPhone just by turning it on!

    Can’t wait for a WSB iPhone app… for now I have it “bookmarked”.



    Holy cows… AppBox Pro… I just looked into it, and its got a bunch of the same aps that I installed separately… Just downloaded it and will try it out. Thanks for the suggestion!



    Watch out, here comes my geeky side: I like the NPR app that lets me stream a bunch of programs. Also, the public radio tuner lets you listen to tons of different public radio channels live.

    Shazam is fun; it “listens” to 15 seconds of a song and will identify it. I’ve used it several times while at Feedback Lounge.



    Curses! I still have a year left @ T-Mobile. <grumble> :@



    How much does it cost to use all of these applications? I know most are free to put on your phone, but how much does it cost once you start using all this data? I’m envisioning a $200/month phone bill.



    m – unless it’s something like a GPS functionality the cost of the APP itself is generally your only expense.

    Granted, the $99/month plan is more expensive then say – blackberry – but the amount of time that we use our APPS MORE than makes up for that data cost.

    The iphone is an incredible smartphone that is not just *cool* but actually gains in value as you add APPS.

    Every time I see someone with an iPhone I ask them if they like it. 100% (over the last 1+ year) say they love it.



    A WSB iPhone app?! Ugh, I’m still waiting for my Verizon contract to expire!



    I second the nods to Shazam, UrbanSpoon, the Stranger’s Cocktail Compass and NPR.

    Some of the other ones I use most often are…


    -Amazon Mobile

    -Amazon Kindle

    …if there was a Fresh app, I’d have that too lol



    -Wordpress (if you don’t know what this is, you don’t need it)

    -PhoneFlicks (Netflix app)

    -TweetDeck (Twitter)



    Move that useless weather app that came with the phone to the last page, and bookmark the Weather Underground web page for your city (add to home screen). MUCH better, with satellite pictures and 7-day outlook… more accurate by far, and much more interesting. It is formatted for the iPhone, too. Long URL:


    As for the West Seattle Blog forums, I’ve bookmarked them as well as the WSB home page. The forums are nicely formatted, just like the blog, they’re just hard to get to from the blog unless you bookmark it.

    Ditto for Shazam, WordPress (a little buggy, but works in a pinch), Google Mobile.

    Other apps I can’t live without, and I haven’t seen mentioned yet:

    Pandora – streaming music


    AccuFuel – tracks fuel consumption, fun if you’re into that.



    FML Pro (a/k/a FmyLife);

    Texts From Last Night;

    IndieBooks run by independent book sellers, their faves, and store locator;

    BNO News (Breaking News Online);

    ANd I’m a freak for wordgames: Scrabble, WordWarp, Textropolis and Wordworth.

    Agree with others on NPR, UrbanSpoon and Pandora (A Fever Ray Station all my own)?!




    hubby says t-mobile is coming out with a phone that is much like i-phone..may have already..

    i am not a big fan of t-mobile but their unlimted internet access package can’t be beaten… when combined with a shared plan it makes economic sense for us.

    that said.. our contract is up.. so we are looking at options.

    right now we have 700 shared minutes plus unlimited internet which we use for about 170/mo.

    what to do? what to do?



    Don’t forget to download the patch from itunes today that allows MMS (picture/video messages).



    Oh this is awesome! Thanks for the suggestions.

    I like iBird but would suggest getting pro. We use it to call brids at Lincoln park sometimes. Fun!

    I am also a fan of Evernote because it syncs to my Macs. The free version works great, it is really helping me stay organized.

    Anything that syncs to my Macs is a plus.

    Facebook app. is pretty good.

    I have a couple music apps that I like: tempo and iguitar. You can actually strum on that.

    Hubby has Katamari which is a fav. game of ours. works pretty well.

    I need some games. Any suggestions? For regular games, I like tetris, katamari, super mario. Not a battle gamer, really.

    Great thread. :)



    Ladies lemme tell ya, “P Tracker” is one of those tools I don’t know how I lived without! Even my boyfriend knows now when I’ll be <ahem> moody.

    For games, I have a few I’m addicted to:

    Bejeweled 2 is mindless fun

    must.eat.birds – this one is japanese origin, so has great graphics, and sound. You slingshot your monster around the sky eating birds who are after your desserts. It’s a 9 on the addiction scale!



    I forgot to mention my favorite game, GAIA… it’s like a falling blocks game where you tap to remove 3 or more matching blocks that are connected, and new blocks fall in to replace them. The twist is that the new blocks fall depending on which way you are holding your phone, so you can manipulate which side you want blocks to fall from, and existing blocks that are not supported can slide around as you rotate your phone. I was addicted for months.

    More games: Othello, Connect Four (FourFree), there’s even a first-person shooter called Cube, but I’m not coordinated enough to figure it out (no, I’m not a “gamer” obviously :). Oh, and iBowl… hold your phone like a bowling ball, like on the Wii.



    As far as games go, I’m a geek for the retro stuff- Oregon Trail, Wolfenstein, Monopoly. I also have a number of card games, majong, and labyrinth. And word games, Scramble and WordSearch.

    For laughs, FML and I can has cheeseburger.

    For foodies, Locavore is a cool one that tells you what’s in season and where all the local farmer’s markets are.

    For Winos, Drync Wine is decent to keep track of favorites or your collection.

    For travelers, “Around Me” is good to locate anything that’s close by- banks, restaurants, gas stations, etc.

    I also forgot to mention Open Table which is nice to book reservations.

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