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    I’m getting sick of the builder grade flat white paint in my house that marks up at the lightest touch. I shouldn’t have to go through as many magic erasers as I do to keep it clean. (seriously a sleeved elbow will leave a mark!) Has anyone recently had a full interior repaint done? How much does something like that cost? I imagine it would take me all summer to paint the inside of my house by myself on the weekends, might be worth the cost to just have it done.



    tricky — I’m going thru the same search as I am putting the condo on the market. I checked the Forum for recs and Paint the Town got the most votes. They are right here in WS. I don’t feel comfortable revealing their bid as it depends on sq. ft., number of coats, quality of paint and any idiosyncracies about your place. My place will require 2 coats, possibly need primer in one room and involves 2 bathrooms, 5 closets and pantries, etc. since I am selling. I think my place is 1200 sq. ft.

    I would guess you’d pay anywhere from $2k to $4k. You can save money by not having them do closets, etc. They will do an estimate and they do accept credit cards. Good luck.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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