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    Inslee is waiting for Tweet from Trump.
    His name should be added to list below.
    Some well-known people who suffer from mysophobia include Howard Stern, Nikola Tesla, Howard Hughes, Howie Mandel, and Saddam Hussein


    2 Much Whine

    I don’t think Nikola Tesla suffers from Mysophobia – he died in 1943. Howard Hughes died in 1976 and Saddam died in 2006 so they’re probably not suffering from it at the moment either.

    In case you haven’t heard, the state of Washington is being used as a positive example of how to handle the virus. We have not activated the National Guard (unlike 29 other states) AND the governor limited groups to 50 people (unlike 14 other states that have limited gathering to 10-25 people). Things are bad, don’t get me wrong, but they aren’t as bad as you make it sound.

    Nearly two-thirds of respondents (62%) to a recent poll say the actions taken by individual states – which to this point have included school closures, bans on large gatherings and, in some cases, shelter-in-place directives – have been appropriate. One in four says states have not gone far enough in curbing the spread of the disease, while only 9% believes states have gone too far.

    So, once again, soarringcam, you’re in the minority with your obtuse views of society. It’s my guess that Governor Inslee is less afraid of dirt and germs, as you imply, and more afraid of the unnecessary death of his constituents. I’ll take that any day.



    It’s a joke.

    Look at the 2018 flu season at the CHC website.

    Its appearing the 2019/2020 flu season will be mild by late April.
    That’s just my view on the subject.
    USA over reacted. But its better to be safe, or is it?



    Covid-19 is not flu. Not that it matters in a world view free of facts.
    You should add Donald Trump to your list of mysophobia sufferers. It was the excuse he used to deny the pee-pee tapes.



    You are correct, covid-19 is not the flu.
    COVID-19: Approximately 120,450 deaths reported worldwide; 23,649 deaths in the U.S., as of Apr. 14, 2020.*
    Flu: 291,000 to 646,000 deaths worldwide; 12,000 to 61,000 deaths in the U.S. per year.

    Trying to compare the “shutdown” to previous epidemics.

    Question couldn’t more be done to stop the common flu that kills almost as many?
    That’s my only point.



    What you are ignoring is that the flu season began last fall and peaks between December and February. Many parts of the US did not have their first case of COVID-19 until just a month ago (Washington was first in late Jan, both Michigan and Louisiana didn’t have their first case until March 11). So the rate of deaths is much higher for COVID-19, even with the aggressive social distancing efforts. Had we not taken any steps to slow transmission things would be a LOT worse.

    The answer to your question of what can be done; simple. Vaccines. Flu deaths would be much higher without them, and if that were the case, social distancing would be prudent. Deaths at the this time in the US is 32,917 for COVID-19. Everything we are doing is clearly working, but can’t stop the spread completely. As it is, COVID-19 is very likely to exceed the number of flu deaths, and would certainly dwarfed the flu had we done nothing.



    Lock downs or grouping the ill together in hospitals may not be the best medicine .
    Lock down slows the spread. But There’s more to it then just this.

    I can’t explain here because its too complex. and I don’t understand it. you should read about it.

    The Covid-19 in china began in December. If you look at You Tube videos, find ones with crowds and notice when they to start wearing masks, I think it happened notably in December. Or was it November?

    Did the virus escape from a lab?




    Thank you. Interesting, but way over my head.
    But in both scenarios the virus jumped from animal to human.
    Was that a lab monkey, or bat soup? Or protester.
    Thanks again.



    Over your head? It’s pretty plainly written, I’d say. If that was way over your head perhaps you should try limiting your discourse to what you do understand. In fact, you could apply that to all of your threads.


    Michael Waldo

    Mark47n – my thought exactly!!!!!



    Wrong, do it again, Wrong do it again.


    I don’t know, that sounds like anecdotal evidence. Furthermore, I believe there are a lot more people in Asia who wear masks during the regular flu season, so seeing people wearing masks might not be an idicator of when Covid-19 started. Or it might be.

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