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    Hello, I was wondering if there are any users who would recommend a computer repair person who will come to your home.




    There was a thread some time ago about this:

    Reader Recommendation Request: Computer house call?

    I used Quidnunc based on the reviews offered by the readers. They make house calls and are very helpful. I had originally thought I’d need a home visit for my sick PC, but the technician who I spoke with over the phone actually walked me through a 5 min. procedure curing my notebook, all at no charge. Can’t get any better than that.

    Quidnunc’s website:



    I can probably fix it over the phone or right here if you want to describe the problem.

    Been repairing computers since the PC jr and the commadore 64.

    I don’t own a current mac but I have parts for various imacs in the attic.

    otherwise I own and run too many computers of various types and operating systems.

    Whats yer problem?



    Ken – let me know how I can reach you off-blog if it’s easier. I didn’t start this thread but I do have a frustrating problem! Ever since loading my old MS Office onto my new laptop last year, my Outlook regularly locks up and “freezes” all laptop functionality for a period of 2-4 minutes. Sometimes Outlook doesn’t launch at all. There are some other funky things that happen that I could describe in more detail. Let me know how I can reach you!




    my email is

    My spam filter gets 400-700 spams a day since I use my real name as my email address and it is published on a dozen web sites (political mainly), so try to send plain text and I will reply with my cell phone.

    Outlook has a variety of odd behaviors that sometimes precede it failing to work at all.

    If you know where your pst file is (or search for *.pst) then you might find a file that you should backup. Outlook keeps damn near everything in this file and if it is deleted or even if it gets too big, it can stop outlook from opening. When it is approaching too big it will cause odd behaviors and sometimes hangs.

    Also since you did not define “old” maybe we should talk first. Microsoft mail formats have changed over the years and often not for the better and sometimes in strange ways.

    I suspect you are not using one of the really old ones but even incremental changes in outlook can impact certain configurations.

    All outlook users should have a backup of their PST files.

    Office itself can be a real resource hog even when it is correctly installed and configured.

    I trim about 40% of it out at install. Did you max out the memory on your new laptop?

    anyway fire off and email and we can figure out whether I need to see it at all.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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