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    Any suggestions on how I can learn to golf by the 28th of August. I am fairly athletic, I have just never spent the time to learn golf. I know I can’t expect to be semi pro in 6 weeks but I would like to be able to play with the average Joe. Any suggestions or advice would be great. Thanks



    Talk to the folks at the pro shop at West Seattle Golf Course or try Interbay Golf Course (I know they give lessons) or you might wrangle my husband into a game or 2, his name is Tom Watson (but alas, not THE Tom Watson, although a pretty good golfer).



    Buy a series of 5 lessions at Interbay. You can ask the instructor to cover all the basics: 2-3 sessions in the range for irons/woods, one each for putting and chipping, and don’t forget some time in the bunker. And then either go to the driving range or just play the Interbay course a couple of times per week until Aug 28 to keep the lessons fresh.

    I find that at most courses there’s no way I’ll sign up to play as a single, but I have no problem doing that at Interbay and have done so many times.



    There is a guy named Tom Wells who makes custom golf clubs. I first met him about 20 years ago. If anyone would have some good ideas, it would be him. Tell him that one of his old friends from the 5th Avenue Tavern in north Seattle suggested his name. :)



    The Velvet Bulldog

    Definitely sign up for a series of classes with one of the Interbay pros. I did a 1x/week class for four or five weeks and then hit balls up at Jefferson(?) golf course. I didn’t stay with it, but you’ll at least start to look like you know what you’re doing.


    HMC Rich

    First, follow the advice of the other posts. Next, learn to smoke a cigar, drink a beer or cocktail while driving a golf cart telling inappropriate stories and jokes. Learn the word Mulligan and its meaning but deny ever using one. Go to your companies marketing department and have them give you balls, tees, marker and a towel. If your company does not have these items quit your job immediately and find a company that does have these because real business deals are cut on the golf course. (Serious note) buy shoes that fit. When looking for a driver don’t hire someone from one of the local cab companies. Remember, it is a wedge and not a wedgie. Once you know your handicap it doesn’t mean you can park in a handicapped spot. Just because you will be in the Pro shop doesn’t automatically make you one. Finally, you must watch Caddyshack and know that the best grass in golf is the blend that Bill Murray’s character perfected.



    still have that sense of humor, Rich…keep it up :)



    This instructional video is ALL you need to watch to be the perfect golfer…




    HMC Rich: Nicely done! :-)

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